2023; Governor Yahaya Bello Has Proved His Presidential Mettle

2023; Governor Yahaya Bello Has Proved His Presidential Mettle

…Ayopemi Ayowande OPOMULERO

As the debate, talks, scheming and shades of analysis on the political future of Nigeria with special reference to the Presidency and who the cap actually fit vis-a-vis the hydra-headed challenges the nation is battling with, people across all sections, especially the youth demographic space, spoke with unequal optimism that Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello has proved his Presidential mettle beyond reasonable doubt.

He’s young, useful, cerebral, humane, ebullient, energetic, visionary, focused, consistent, courageous and committed to nation building.

My optimistic conclusion, which is a statement of fact is premised on the swift step, patriotic disposition and exemplary leadership style shown by Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello in making sure Kogi state and Nigeria at large remain an indivisible, united and peaceful entity. He has proven to be a bridge builder and a Unifier across religious beliefs, political and tribe inclination. As our ground norm- the constitution of the Federal Republic Nigeria dictates, GYB has given security of lives and properties a premium attention in the state. Today, the confluence state is dotted with massive infrastructural development and so many adjoining projects which validates a work in progress in the state.

Without iorta of doubt, I am convinced that Governor Yahaya Bello is the breath of fresh air Nigeria needs with his array of giant strides and the latest development, where he played a critical Nationalist role of fostering peace and unity across the Niger, this alone has placed him at an advantaged position. To drive home my stance, let me acquaint you with just five of his diverse scorecards that does not only qualifies him as a presidential potential but it has proved his mettle in that regard”.

His recent intervention and subsequent truce brokered between the Amalgamated union of Foodstuff and Cattle dealers association of Nigeria which led to blockade of Food and cattle movement from North to South, is a classic political step that averted what should have snowballed to deep crisis if not for the Intervention of GYB and his patriotic likes. Perhaps, he could have sat back like others and remain in his cocoon as Kogi state Governor, but for the love of country and penchant for national stability; love for the people, Unity of purpose, peaceful coexistence and their security remain paramount in his heart. He acted humane. He loves the people. He launched into action for their sake. That’s how to be Presidential beyond just been positional. GYB has not doubt proved his Presidential mettle!

Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello uncompromising stand on the issue of Covid-19 virus and the obvious manner it has been overhyped and commercialized, in turn, creating fears and trepidation. Such unsavoury approach has caused a lot of damage to the economy of the nation, slow progress of works and battered the psych of the people. This was what Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello stood against. He was decisive, bold , courageous and dogged in his stance regardless of pressure from high and low. He was truly Presidential in his deeds and action. That’s the kind of President we desire.

Anyone that has the fore knowledge of the gory security situation of Kogi state pre-GYB era, devoid of unecessary hate and envy, will not hold anything back to pour encomioum on Governor Yahaya Bello for such quantum feat and further asked questions on the strategy used. For a state bordered by not less than 10 states and the FCT, considering the porosity that comes with such features speaks volume of a leader that is in charge, efficient and effective to protect his people. He held nothing back to provide the necessary logistics, resources and moral support to the security agencies to perform optimally. That’s the GYB magic. He’s a dreaded fear to the criminals. He made kogi a hotbed for criminal activities. Governor Yahaya Bello can replicate same at the national level, as we are groaning as a nation under mountainous insecurity situation. He’s Presidentially armed to provide solutions to the perennial security worry.

In the recent past, for those who are privy of the situation before the divine emergence of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, Kogi state was acutely divided across tribe and religious lines; a situation that has crept into almost sector in the state, be it church, civil service, cooperatives, politics, higher institutions of learning and even simple association in the state. Too bad that it has held us back as a state for so long before the coming of GYB that destroyed the wall of differences and strife amongst the two main religious faith and tribes in the state. In kogi state today, we now have a Muslim Governor that built a befitting worship chapel for Christians in the Government house, breaking a jinx of 30 years since creation of Kogi state. That Governor is nobody else but GYB. Today we now have a state and people that thrive in Unity- they see themselves as one entity regardless of religious, tribe and even political differences. He’s indeed a unifier. A detribilised leader. A bridge builder and President in making that will engender true nationhood.

Needless to emphasize on his past achievements in all sectors of the economy in the state, it’s available in the public space for verification. In the foregoing, the state can be called a Massive transformational construction haven. Concurrently, the construction of Confluence University of Science and technology is ongoing, Okene referral hospital, that promised to be one of the best Healthcare hub in the nation is an advanced stage. A massive extention of the Specialist hospital in lokoja is also ongoing. The first ever standard fly over that will ease traffic and advance the aesthetic look of lokoja in kogi state is ongoing. Many roads too numerous to mention with ranging kilometer stretch are currently ongoing in Kabba town, Okene, Idah, Ankpa etc . To follow soon, is the total rehabilitation and construction of all internal roads within lokoja metropolis and other local Government. He’s a trailblazer with empirical evidences. He delivers well dividends of democracy to kogites, awaiting a replica at the National.

In kogi state, so much to talk about, because have not mentioned his stellar performance in handling the finances of the state, which thrives on transparency,efficiency and accountability, and has continuously attracted the Worldbank grants and many other foreign aides. Many more to mention in his achievements in the Agricultural sector, Commerce and industry, Environment, Educational advancement and many more.

Let me just end by saying, the available records of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s modest strides and accomplishments in Public office has proven beyond measure his ability to turn this nation around for good and a validation of his Presidential mettle. He is good to Go!

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