2023 Presidency: Gov. Bello Has What It Takes To Provide Purposeful Leadership, Good Governance – Amb. Oladele John Nihi, DG GYB2PYB

2023 Presidency: Gov. Bello Has What It Takes To Provide Purposeful Leadership, Good Governance – Amb. Oladele John Nihi, DG GYB2PYB

Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has been identified as having what it takes to provide purposeful leadership and good governance if elected as President in the 2023 general elections.

Amb. Oladele John Nihi, Director General, GYB2PYB Youth Support Group made the disclosure at a world press conference held in Abuja today, said Gov. Bello’s antecedent has proven that he can offer the right leadership, pointing out that he is a man interested in the good of Nigeria.

Amb. Oladele disclosed that the group has searched all over the length and breadth of the country and found out that Governor Yahaya Bello, a young man has given the women and young people the platform to be the drivers in their own affairs, maintaining that he will certainly perform well if elected into office.

Amb. Oladele explained that the GYB style of leadership; a government of the young people by the young people and for the general wellbeing of all Nigerians is what is needed in the country for the nation to make the desired progress.

According to Amb. Oladele Nihi, ” Over fifteen million Nigerian young men and women have signed a request letter that will be handed over through some selected Youths and women across the 36 states of the federation and the FCT to Gov. Yahaya Bello to accept the call to contest the position of the PRESIDENT and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023″.

Amb. Oladele described Gov. Bello as a detribalised Nigerian, with capacity to stamp out Nepotism from the country and handle the intractable security problems of the country, said the GYB2PYB Youth Movement is not a selfish Agenda, but an effort to project him, market him, and to sell him to other Nigerians.

He described the security architecture of Gov. Bello as second to non in the country, said it has won him accolades and enabled him to win several awards as well as the best Security conscious Governor in Nigeria from different security agencies.

While maintaining that security agencies have continually recommended Gov. Bello’s security architecture model to other states in the country, added that as a young man, he will engage women and young men in governance by making them Critical stakeholders in the affairs of the country.

Amb. Oladele added that Gov. Bello is a good brand that is marketable Nationwide, urged the youth to take the message nationwide, that Governor Yahaya Bello if elected as President will handle Security challenge, ensure Women and Youth inclusiveness in governance as well as erase all forms of ethnic, religious bias, ensure massive Foreign Direct Investments into the Country

The DG GYB2PYB youth support group, said Nigeria needs a leader in the mould of Gov. Bello that can hold the country together, explained that the challenge to have a good leader to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, who has tried his best makes it necessary to begin to search for somebody to take over from him and to do a fantastic job.

The DG GYB2PYB said they will make it impossible for GYB to say NO to their demands, insisting that he holds it to Nigerians as a patriotic duty to participate in the election.

He added that as a man who believes in the progress and development of Nigeria, Gov. Bello has no choice than to accede to the demand to contest, urged him to come out and offer himself to serve the country at this time, expressed confidence that he will come out and run for the presidency.

Our struggle for a better Nigeria since our independence as a country has given us the impetus as young men and women to look forward to a better society. The #endsars protest that has become a reference point in the annals of our National History was an agitation by our young men and women who were fed up by the highhandedness, the unbridled and un wanton abuse of state power against our women and youths. If we would record vividly, Oct. 20, 2020, will forever be known as a Black Tuesday in our country.

The hashtag #EndSARS began trending when a video showed a SARS officer shooting a young motorist in Ughelli, in Delta state, pushing his body out of the car and driving off with the dead man’s Lexus SUV. Within days, the crowd of young people gathered together in various Nigerian cities to demand the abolition of the SARS. The protests followed on previous activism and the government announcements that SARS would be demobilized in 2014, 2015 and 2017. And yet, SARS officers continued to act with impunity, committing armed robberies, rapes, and other acts of torture and extrajudicial killings.

Even though our leaders announced that SARS would be disbanded, crowds of protesters continued to grow bigger, even in the face of violence and intimidation. Since the protests, there are estimates that at least 100 individuals lost their lives; 48 of whom were killed on Black Tuesday alone.

Nigerians have continually resisted the negation of their basic humanity, because despite a system that has been unresponsive to our needs, the women and youth of Nigeria have spoken up. There is a correlation to the fact that the #EndSARsprotest which erupted on October 2020; coincides with Oct. 1, 1960 date which marked the official date of Nigeria’s independence from British colonial rule. Sixty years later, young Nigerians are still demanding freedom from repression.

The #EndSARS protests began with a focus on police brutality, but have extended to other dimensions of corruption, human rights violations and underdevelopment in Nigeria. Not necessarily seeking to topple the government, the #EndSARS protests sought to make Nigerian citizenship mean something tangible and worthwhile for young people. The #EndSars protests was also triggered by the impunity of police violence upon marginalized communities; the movement featured dramatic outpourings of young people who had been written off by establishment politicians as disaffected or lazy.The protests against police brutality that crystallized in 2020, insist that new and just societies in which young people can imagine meaningful futures are still possible.

The #EndSARS movement made savvy use of the social media, and did not focus on long-term ambitions of gaining political power, but rather made sure that the authorities stick to their promises of reforms and justice. Those in power are clearly worried that our country’s huge young population can no longer be ignored, or, cajoled.

Our women and young population are getting better organised as evidenced by the rallied support for the protests which shook the foundations of Nigeria.The fact that these women and young people regrouped makes our politicians and the elite jittery and clearly indicates that our system needs to work for all and not for the privileged few.

The #EndSars protest, showed that our political landscape has changed forever because the women and youths have now realised how powerful they are and what they can achieve when they unite for a common goal.This time around, our protest has been taken to another level where the right channel for our women and our youth have been provided. We will make our slogan for 2023 “Youth O’clock”by returning our affairs to ourselves, which is the only way we can record youth participation in politics.

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