2023:North Central,South West and others APC youth leaders meet to chart way forward

2023:North Central,South West and others APC youth leaders meet to chart way forward

It was a great day yesterday when North Central,South West and others APC youth leaders met to deliberate about the future of our dear party and country at Kwara State.

It was indeed an assembly of good heads considering the point of their discussion and the opinions from each of them.

The progress and the unity of the party top the list of their point of discussion.

And in the words of the APC youth leader from Niger State,Abubakar Adamu. He said,there is absolutely nothing that can be achieved when the house is in division. He also said, disunity is the bedrock of collective failure. And if our party will succeed in this coming election, the Responsibility has been placed on them as the future and pillar of the party to start building bridges and bringing down the pillars of hatred that has been erected within the party.

A lot was said on how peace and unity can reign supreme in the party. And everyone spoke extensively concerning that.

Another vital point that was raised was the issue of where and who will pick the party presidential ticket come 2023.

There was an adjustment of seats by everyone when it was read out. Because,this is a coalition of people from different regions and with different interest.

But shockingly, when opinions,ideas and interest were dissected and thrown on ground like dice, they all came to a reasonable conclusion that, the only region in this country who has never been President or Vice- President is the north central region.

This region has been marginalised in this regard since the birth of Democratic System in Nigeria. And if Democracy will have full meaning,then the compass of consideration for the presidential seat must be directed to them.

And so far so good,we have someone who has signify interest.

His Excellency,Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello who is currently serving his second term in office as the Governor of Kogi State has signified interest for presidential seat.

Hon. Faroq Idris Umar who is the APC Youth leader of FCT pointed out reasons why they should have a youth like them represent them at the highest seat of this nation.

It was also said by the Youth leader from plateau state, Hon. Alex Paul that jokes apart, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello has been a symbol of unity,Gender Equality and a profound advocate of peace. He added that,he is a man that is needed in this particular time of this nation’s experience.

The hidden formation of Kogi State governor was also made known by Hon. Emmanuel Ayo who has been privy to the intricacies of his person.

Hon. Emmanuel Ago who conveyed the meeting said,His Excellency,Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello is not just his Governor. But a leader with no edited success story. And he said, my Governor is ready to exact his leadership dexterity to this nation.

He concluded by saying, this is the time to entrench a responsible leader that will cause unimaginable transformation in this country.

At the end of the day,the discussion was capped up by the APC Youth leader of Nasarawa State who double as the forum Chairman of the North Central Youth leaders.

It was noted in his words that putting aside sentiments, this country earnestly yearn for the qualities that make His Excellency, Alhaji Yahay Bello uniquely qualify for this position.

He said,we may not have needed him some years back. But now, facing the reality of the present situation of our country. “I think,the solution to all our predicament is packaged in him”.

He said,should we talk about security situation, Gender Equality, Ethnicity, religious unity. Governor Yahaya Bello is a leading master in those fields.

In conclusion, they all agreed to pitch their tent with His Excellency,Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello as he moves on this ambition.

This are the people present on the meeting;

1.Nasarawa youth leader hon Mohammed Ayitogo 08037879921
2 kogi state youth leader hon Emmanuel ayo
3.Niger Abubaka Adamu 07067575046
4.FCT Faroq Idris Umar 08062288103
5.plateau state Hon Alex Paul 08069434070
6.Benue state Terso paki

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