Apologize to the governor and people of Abia State within Seven days for your unbridled tongue or face recall- Concern Kogi West Youth

Apologize to the governor and people of Abia State within Seven days for your unbridled tongue or face recall- Concern Kogi West Youth

*** threatens to begin recall process, failure to comply within seven days

A group, Concern Kogi West youth have written an apology message to the governor of Abia State, governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu on behalf of the senator representing the District, Senator Smart Adeyemi for what they describd as verbal recklessness.

The statement reads: “We the concerned Kogi West Youth are writing to apologize for the behavior of the senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Senator Smart Adeyemi recently in the floor of the Hallow Chamber”.

It took us this long to react or respond to his ungentlemanly attitude because the character trait that he displayed is alien to our culture in Kogi West. We tried to know reasons for such reactions and alas, we couldn’t find any justifiable and sensible reason for such.

We, too, were personally shocked and offended by his actions and utterances which were a direct contravention of the values of dignity and good mannerism that we teach in our locality.

We all know that emotions can get heated, but it does not excuse the language and behavior of our representative.

To be cultured is a state of mind. A cultured person lives with a sense of history and purpose. He thinks deeply and avoids superficial judgment. He weighs different points of view and recognizes that the distinction between two choices might be subtle, but could lead to vastly different consequences.

We the good people of Kogi West Senatorial District are cultured people and were not too surprised by his verbal recklessness in the Hallow Chamber of the Nigerian Senate all in an attempt to promote and satisfy his coronator.

He talks too much and what he says is often just noise or irrelevant gibberish designed to keep himself entertained and for the promise his benefactor has made to him as his successor as governor of Kogi state. If he was a typical Kogi Westerner, he doesn’t need to say stuff just because he thinks he should, that is the definition of asshole. The profundity of that remark reduced us to silence.

It is a known fact that the good people of Kogi West did not give him our mandate but he is an affliction imposed on us through the instrumentality of the judiciary as against the mandate of our people.

It is not always immediately obvious if someone is cultured. Since being cultured is not about appearances, one can walk by a cultured person and not recognize him. It might take more than a few words before the cultured trait shines through. It also takes a cultured person to recognize another cultured person. The artificial position he is presently occupying has taken away the culture in him for sycophantic attitude and has turned a supposed distinguished personality to an errand boy and a praise singer.

A second of restraint can mean avoiding a thousand days of regret. What we mean is that spontaneous anger never ends well and the person who spoke the angry words nearly always ends up with regrets for what they said. The use of imagery is very vivid and compares to the deadliness of a quick thrusting of rash words with that of actual sword thrusts. This naturally injures the person on the receiving end however the tongue of the wise can often heal what the rash person has inflicted. The rash one is constantly cutting a path by mowing down everyone in their way on the way to what they want, however the wise person’s words can act as a balm that promotes inner healing.

We have come as wise constituents to right the wrong of the malady and public show of shame as displayed by Senator Smart Adeyemi and we are indeed sorry for whatever damages it might have done to your personality.

Imagine the harm that has been done to you as an man of repute and the entire good people of Abia State, not to mention our cordial relationship with Abia state just because of his verbal recklessness. He is fishing in troubled waters and has started spitting venom against everyone all with the aim of saying “Thank you” to the people that coronated him.

One can not compare the laudable projects under your good leadership. To mention but few: The massive road projects across Abia state.
Some of the completed projects also include, Back2Back , Abia State school feeding program, Abia State poultry cluster project, four new rice mills in Uzuakoli, large scale mushroom production, SME development, e.t.c,
compared to our state where everyone is promised governorship ticket which has led Smart to dancing naked in public.

Thank you for the way you handled the incident at the time. You showed remarkable restraint as a mark of maturity.

We hope you can put this incident behind you.

It is on this note that we DEMAND that Senator Smart Adeyemi within seven day, apologize at the same Hallow Chamber of the Senate for his uncontrollable utterances against the governor and people of Abia State or face “Recall”.

Mr Michael Oluwaseun Bolorunduro
For: Kogi West Concern Youth

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