Ban on Okada unwarranted, needless ― Lagos PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos State, on Saturday, described the ban on Okada and Keke NAPEP in some areas of the state as unwarranted and needless.

Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Lagos State, Mr Taofik Gani, lambasted the state government over the ban saying it will bring about untold hardship to Lagosians and also increase the crime rate in the state.

The party spokesperson said: “This latest decision of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has come out to confirm the height of disregard that the Lagos State government, in recent times, has for Lagos residents.

This is not the time to ban Okada or Keke, which undoubtedly has become the simplest means of commuting in the state. In the name of SMART CITY, a government is coming up to put a burden on its own citizens. It is unfortunate that Lagosians have become dogmatic.

I feel that this latest decision should generate angry reactions from Lagosians, they should rise up to support the young men who will now be unemployed by this unwise decision of the Lagos State government.”

Flaying the state government’s action, he said: “This decision is unwarranted, it is needless. They have to find an immediate solution from this ban because it will lead to kidnapping, armed robbery, killing and we have been lucky that we do not have such level of bandits. Now, that has been provoked by the Lagos State government.

Where is the Lagos State Security Trust Fund that is now over N1 trillion that they cannot, from that, ensure that there is a security of lives and property, even as Okada riders do their jobs? Because that is their excuse that Okada riders are involved in robbery and phone snatching. But where is the job of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund that has gulped up to N1 trillion?

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