Birthday:Tenacious Olugbemi Ojo Tina Hits the 30 Geng!

Birthday:Tenacious Olugbemi Ojo Tina Hits the 30 Geng!

By Babajide Obafemi

“Seest a man that his diligent in his own work; he shall stand before Kings, he shall not stand before mean men.”

This Bible verse sums up my boy Ojo-tina. Ojo is someone I once described to Chairman as an early maturer because of his braveness and smartness.

Raised by his adorable grandma, Ojo-tina combines intelligence with swiftness and excellent character. He daily rolls with the elderly and he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he deserved to sit with such senior men.

A boy that knows his boundary and is quick in retreating when he goofs, Ojo is an encyclopedia and a firm believer in Owe culture. Tug him negatively about Kabba or Owe kingdom, you are likely to see a display of his fiercely “Aruta” reverberation.

Joke with his breakfast or meal as at when due, you are likely to discover the reclining consumable conflagration ready to explode from his settling and shutting eyeballs. His humble self comes to display every time he is famished.

Above all, Ojo-tina is a great boy, ready to learn, easy to teach and a local comedian per-excellence. He is officially the secretary of the “Billionaire Geng”.

At a point, Ojo aladiye was aiming to teach the butter-ish children of our great Chairman how to devour chicken heads and shanks but they let him know how scary and unconsumable those things are. He drooped to his crust with his habitual manner of crushing his delicacy alone.

Finally, we thank Seun Bello, that heeded our pleas by not turning Ojo to a fowl during the last Owe festival, he knew that his 30th birthday was coming and so he obliged the elder’s request of forgiving Ojo and drawing him closer as his GF.

Here is wishing Ojo aladiye, my mentee and the one I refer to as Tenacious Tina, a happy birthday and a great future ahead. Conquer your world my boy, the sky is your starting point!

Raise a glass of wine to Ojo-tina at 30!
Aaba wa!!!

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