Breaking: Primary School Forgery, Supreme court rules in favour of Engr Musa Wada , says he was qualified to contest


The Supreme Court has taken final decision on appeals the final man panel driven power from Section 31 Subsection 5 of the Supreme Court noted that Section 285, Subsection 9, 10 has already dealt with the situation. He is to file the action within 14 days from the date of the publication, therefore the Supreme Court threw out the case.

The Supreme Court stated that the action seeking to disqualify Engr. Musa Wada of the Peoples Democratic Party who is eminently qualified for any office in the land is status barred and out of time. The Supreme Court also faulted the Lokoja High Court ruling and therefore ruled that the judgement is null and void.

The case was initiated out of time and therefore, the judgement of the Lokoja High Court is out of time. The five man panel of the Supreme Court stormed out of the Court after delivering the judgement.

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