Progressives Media Organisation (PMO) a media support network for APC is utterly disappointed with the call by a very insignificant minority in the House of Representatives for the removal of service chiefs.

PMO says this is not only unnecessary but infantile and unpatriotic. It is akin to removing the star players in a football field who have exhibited capacity and competence as pillars of a team especially when they are needed most to secured a more overwhelming victory. It is most demoralising and indeed a deliberate attempt to undermine the efforts being made by the President Muhammadu Buhari with the active support of the service chiefs, men of the arm forces and para-military organisations to finally bruise the head of last atom of insecurity in our country.

Lest they forget, PMO wishes to remind those calling for the removal of the services chiefs that the country is today basking in the euphoria of its diamond jubilee on the account of the active role and support of the Nigerian Army and indeed the military who have exhibited uncommon gallantry to check the embers of division and activities of separatist sects.

Today, the Nigerian military has continued to receive a global accolade on the account of the visible efforts it’s making in fighting terrorism, banditry and all other forms of insecurity in the country. Today, the pockets of insurgent criminals in the North East region of the country are scampering for safety while a good number of them have continued to succumb to the superior firepower of the military even as they are being pushed to the brink of our country’s borders with neighbouring countries.

The fatal destruction the Army under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai has rained on the remnant of terrorists does not only advertise the agility of the Army and indeed other security agencies to keep our country secure but commitment to ensure that all forms of threats are effectively averted before they occur.

PMO also wants to prod the memory of the few National Assembly members who are bent on scoring cheap political point on anything they could lay their hand on, including straw that there was a time in the history of this country when the once vicious terrorists overran a significant part of Northern part of the country, including the FCT from where they comfortably sit to make their unguarded statements. The respite and secured atmosphere which they and their family enjoy today was not achieved with demoralising utterances but a well marshalled out plan by the military to deliver in their mandate.

From Damboa to Bama, Maiduguri and indeed all parts of the North East are beginning to witness a stable return of normalcy. The brutal aerial offensive attacks men of the Nigerian Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole under the subsidiary of Operation Hail Storm have continued to rain on the terrorists are producing massive results.

PMO finds it surprising that those who should be at the vanguard of applauding the enormous sacrifices our security forces are making to keep the entire country safe are the ones leading a campaign of calumny against them in a desperate effort to dampen their morale.

PMO appeals to the service chiefs not to be dettered but continue giving their best in the overall interest of the country. Given a very complex environment under which they work, PMO hails the military for their bravery in giving the bandits in North West part of the country a bloody nose, getting them permanently on their heels is a product of action plans.

We thank His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari for offering the necessary supports in ensuring that all Nigerians sleep with their eyes closed. While we also admit that there may be few inherited challenges, suffice to say that visible gains have been recorded in dealing with all forms of insecurity in the country. The call for their removal should be perished.


Samuel Ebuka
Ag. National Publicity Secretary

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