Celebrating an ICON, Kemi Olawumi an Epitome of Culture on her birthday


To be honest, I don’t think birthday is such a big deal for this amiable socialite for it is not known exactly when she was in the news over a birthday bash despite her verve and vivacity.

A big surprise; Kemi (ICON) is one lady whose activities never passed unnoticed let alone easily forgotten but it appears birthday is not a big deal.

In a general sense, birthdays whether hugely celebrated, solemnly marked or ignored give one the picture of a life. As often said, a birthday means a different thing to different people. Birthdays carry several and varied connotation but all are emotionally based.

It is reminiscent of the day that one is delivered into a whole new world of wonder and uncertainties – the tides and storms of human existence.

However, we regard a birthday as important in our lives as it either rekindles the flames of our aspiration, or refocuses our gaze into the deep and wide horizon of life. By and large, a birthday is truly measured on the basis of the impacts the life it bears makes in a society.

On this day, I wish to celebrate this media colleague, the CEO ICON television, a seasoned 📺 TV producer, a darling sister and a Culture Ambassador and pray that your new age brings you to your dreamland.
Happy birthday to you dear!

-Ayodele Gideon Juwon

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