Essential services are services that are absolutely necessary and extremely important.

Did you listen to the Presidential speech and that of the state governors before and during the lockdown? Did you notice that some certain group of people were exempted from movement restrictions despite the total lockdown? Did that sound strange to you? Oh, you think the government is partial? No, they’re not.
The fact is, the services of those individuals are absolutely necessary and extremely important to the entire world.

Does that send a signal to you? Is that by any means changing your mindset about the future? That’s just a tip to tell you where the world is going in the very nearest future.

Every career is important and needed by all of us to grow as an individual and as a Country. But some are considered more important than others and in reality, we are all important in our different field of career.

KINDLY NOTE that this post is not to denigrate other professions. Other career paths are equally important. Still using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, the Nigerian economy was also shutdown due to the fact that other professionals not considered ‘essential’ were asked to stay home. Parents were forced to become teachers with schools who started the e-learning scheme, we knew the importance of teachers and the role they play during the period.

Another example is the food/ market sector, there was so much uncertainty and people went into panic buying when the markets and supermarkets were closed down till further notice.

The banking sector was also affected which could be seen during the ease of lockdown and even until now, when customers bombarded the banks. There are still canopies and long queues in banks.

The agricultural sector too suffered a lot of loss as there was no way farmers could send out farm produce due to the restriction on movement. A lot of dairy and agricultural products perished during this period and of course market men and women took advantage of the situation by jacking up prices.

Having said these, the STEM courses is where the world is moving to now. The future is that of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, IT , etc. The 1st world countries are moving towards robotics to take over jobs that humans are engaged in. Very soon, a lot of careers will become obsolete taken over by AI and robotic technology from supermarkets, hospitals, banking, education etc.

Many jobs are simply not coming back. Why? Because of reason mentioned above and can be managed accordingly. So, we need to channel our strengths henceforth to more of IT, Medicine, Engineering etc and more importantly, entrepreneurs. We also need to be more knowledgeable about using the internet because this skill is going to be so much needed in the future.

The right time to counsel/train your wards on some profitable careers is now. Honestly, this is a good time to mentor or get mentors for them. The time to encourage and invest more on our Children to study courses like Medicine, Nursing and sciences in general is now. If you’re not sure, at least COVID 19 Pandemic is a proof. It has taught us that the world certainly needs their services.

Our wards should be encouraged to engage in different entrepreneurial skills.
Let us think and choose or advise them wisely going forward.

Parents should stop thinking that money spent on their Children after graduation is a waste. If you have the capacity to sponsor your Children up to Phd level please do irrespective of their gender. Spend on them to attend different professional courses/training that will add to their value. Spend on them to attend practical classes. There’s a serious competition out there so, those with the knowledge and information will have added advantage in the long run.

For those graduates seeking for employment, if you have the opportunity to learn a skill that can add to your value please do. Employers are not seeking for liabilities anymore. Some of you have wasted more than two years seeking for uncertain jobs instead of attaching yourselves to either becoming a freelance career person or learning a skill that will make you become independent in the nearest future. Please think twice!

Stay safe!

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