By Gbenga Bright

How many prayers have we offered for the painful deaths of other Nigerians who have died of Corona Virus like we are doing in the case of Abba Kyari?
Yes, he was the Chief of Staff Presidency and so?

Those Nigerians who have died in a similar circumstance also deserve such torrential prayers from fellow citizens,
unfortunately, it wasn’t so.

We’ve had young, middle aged and old who died due to covid-19, somebody equally gave birth to them. They are all human beings and Nigerians. They deserve more prayers from us.

Death is inevitable! Any man who hasn’t believe he will one day die, is not worthy to live.
Death is death, no superior death, we should imbibe the spirit of care for all and not for the wealthy, powerful, influentials alone.
Covid-19 is no respecter of status, personality, political party or religion, we must begin to feel for all.

Convid-19 is a serious health matter, Nigerian health system has been abandoned ever before now.
Our leaders at the helm of affairs continue to fly out side the country to enjoy standard health facilities while they left Nigerians to the mercy of “rickety hospitals”. They never deem it fit to replicate what they enjoyed in foreign countries where they are known as constant customers/ patients.
Is this not a deliberate wickedness?

They continue to fly to abroad on taxpayers money, when they arrive back, Nigerians will welcome them gloriously. As if that is not enough, some top political personalities and governors will go and queue to welcome them.

Same thing across the unhealthy box, those who are living on taxpayers money will fly out while their state hospitals are abandoned.

That remind me of state house clinic, Aso Rock, despite the humongous yearly budget in billions of naira and dollars, it couldn’t even treat the late Chief of Staff, Presidency when he was tested to be positive.
Where are these money? How many people are they treating in a year?
Even the President’s wife yelled out to tell Nigerians that Aso Rock clinic is just mere building as it does not show or experiment it status as health national facility.

What then is the fate of ordinary Nigerians as we continue to struggle to battle Corona Virus pandemic?

Govt at all levels must begin to think beyond the current happenings and show deep concern for Nigerians generally. Covid-19 seems to have ambushed Nigeria due to glaring failure of our leaders.

The shock, mood and ugly situation in Aso Rock presently shows it is not palatable and funny.

How do they feel when sons, daughters, relatives of uninfluential families and Nigerians die?
Could it be the same mood, shock as the case of Abba Kyari’s death?
So many Nigerians are currently on bed at different isolation camps suffering from Corona Virus symptoms, they deserve more prayers from us!

May God heal our land. Amen!!

-Gbenga Bright

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