Desire and Capacity To Serve Is Not A Crime – Bisi Goke

Desire and Capacity To Serve Is Not A Crime – Bisi Goke

At this critical point in our nation’s history, where the nation is faced with countless challenges ranging from insecurity, biting economic realities, unemployment and so forth, all persons of good conscience must as a matter of necessity join hands towards positioning our best hands with a view to turning things around for good, and fast.

This is one reason politicians should make efforts to resist that negative urge to discourage anyone that has shown the needed aptitudes to serve in any leadership capacity. For instance, in a State like Kogi where the momentum of good governance sparked off by the Yahaya Bello administration is visibly seeking a worthy succession, to genuinely think that a worthy succession is not paramount unwise; to refuse to acknowledge the need for such succession, due mainly to mundane political exigencies, is to put it mildly, wicked. In these years of the Yayaha Bello’s administration, the citizenry have seen a level of security that confounds analysts despite sharing borders with many troubled States. There has been a level of youth and women inclusion that is unprecedented as much as there has rapid infrastructural development in health, education and elsewhere across the critical areas of governance.

Surprisingly it would seem like these levels of transformation and the imperative of a cogent succession does not impress one of the biggest beneficiaries of His Excellency’s mass appeal and goodwill. Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi newly found interest in casting aspersions on those who bear the torches of GYB cannot be understood as a genuine love for His Excellency. Denigrating these sacred elements of the Governor and summarizing it as mere political ambitions is unkind. Anyone who is irked by the good deeds of others may not have done much good. It may also be a sign of some resignation.

The distinguished Senator has been suspiciously uncomfortable with anything that occurred to him as a show of interest in the number one job of Kogi State. His recent tirades in which he said acts of good deeds are ill-termed comes across as not only unpatriotic but mean.

Anyone who seeks the good of Kogi State must concern itself with the progress of good governance and good deeds. Nations slide into a mess because of unrelenting assaults on goodness. The people of Kogi State will not fail to concern themselves with continuous assessment of those who may want to preside over their lives in one capacity or the other.

It is important that one calls out this unpatriotic attitude of Mr Smart Adeyemi has set out to champion. It is highly condemnable to be angry with goodness while you yourself wouldn’t do much. Kogi State must ensure we don’t miss the opportunity to get the right people to occupy the strategic positions of governance.

The Yahaya Bello administration has lived up and surpassed the expectations of many Nigerians. He will be leaving behind a huge legacy of good governance, unity, inclusivity and development in the State as he responds to the call to a higher responsibility.

While we keep on working for the greater good of Nigeria, let us ensure we encourage anyone with the capacity to carry on with the Yayaha Bello legacy and refrain from being a clog in the wheel of progress of the good people of State.

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