EDO 2020: Indications that APC will lose Edo Election


…Parade of stars don’t win election but the people

By Lanre Oguns

Permit me to thank Governor Godwin Obaseki for his stellar performance at the Channels TV debate, aired nights ago, where his closing question plainly exposed his opponent, Pastor Ize-Iyamo.

One would wonder why a pastor becomes this desperate, over a political position, to the extent of showing physical aggression publicly, and shamelessly promoting lies.

Naturally, a lot more is expected from Ize-Iyamu, for the fact that a “Pastor” preceeds his name. Morally, it is expected that he shows Godliness in his public conduct and character, and also should display authority in knowledge of leadership and governance, but the debate exposed everything about him.

Ize-Iyamu according to his SIMPLE Agenda manifesto, planned to stimulate Edo Economy with N500billion in his first year, which translate into N2 trillion in his entire four years. At this point, every thinking Edolites, should begin to get worried, because this man is just too dangerous to be the governor. This shows that the man has no knowledge of anything just like Buhari, but for those pushing him, probably to enter goverment as a looter, which Obaseki has refused to become, hence the stiff opposition, on how to get rid of him, so that they can have their hands deep into the cooking jar, while the people continues to suffer.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu, could not answer how he will raise N500b he planned to use for quick intervention when he gets to power. Seeing how bad his rating has gone down, for displaying tomfoolery at the debate, those who wants to forcefully impose him on electorates are now running from pillar to post on how he will be foisted on the people, but Edo people are resolved, from what I have seen so far, to stand with Obaseki against all odds.

To show how more desperate they have suddenly become, Former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, whose purport Presidential ambition have been rejected by his fellow Yoruba people, is now on major TV Stations, campaining against Obaseki, a man who is worse in every form of dictatorship and imposition, could shamelessly go on air and accuse Obaseki of same dictatorship he is known for.

It is even ridiculous for Mr. Tinubu to say that Obaseki was not part of those who enshrined constitutional democracy in Nigeria. Did he forget how he supported Buhari, who aborted same democracy in 1983? Maybe Mr. Tinubu wants Nigerians to open his own file for him as quick as possible.

Tinubu, a man who has the entire Lagos state Assembly in his pocket, and sacked his deputy Femi Pedro, with a lot of atrocities, is now screaming that Edo people should go against Obaseki, of course, Edo people are not that dumb, as Mr. Tinubu may have tought. More recently, this same Mr Holier than thou Tinubu, did not allow anyone to emerge as Lagos East Senatorial candidate order than his imposed former rogue banker, Tokunbo Abiru, despite protest from other members of the APC in Lagos State.

Parade of Nollywood Stars, to dissuade the people failed to work in several instances, clear case was between Bayo Adelabu, Peculiar Messsss, of Oyo State against Seyi Makinde.

Adelabu hired almost all the Yoruba actors and Actresses, for a campaign jingle, (See Video Link: https://youtu.be/Ls0i6Aqv3lY), spending hundreds of millions for them to influence the people, in the end, it amounted to a waste, because, the Oyo people knew exactly who they wanted to vote for.

Stars don’t determine the outcome of elections but the people. Example is Oyo state as enumerated above.

APC/Ize-Iyamu is also traveling through the same route at the moment, dropping names, and parading stars, but one thing is certain, you cannot outrigged the people, whose desire is as strong as olumo rock. Obaseki has the majority with him and to forestall crisis, it is better for all those fanning the ember of violence, just to gain power to desist from such plans.

Edo State is traditionally, a very sensitive State. Not even at this time that the country is so charged to the brim, where various actors in the political scene both home and abroad, have been shouting that Nigeria is on the verge of collapse, that APC and Buhari’s goverment will allow any kind of violence to break out in Edo, as a result of trying to forcefully take over the State.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, few days ago, stated that Nigeria is badly divided, more than ever, since Buhari became the President, one of the opportunity to prove baba Iyabo wrong is for Buhari to insist on free and fair elections in Edo and Ondo State, at least to begin to redeem his alrwady battered image of divisiveness.

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