ENDSARS# Prostest: Why FG Must Act Quickly


By Prince Dayo Akanmode

A stich in time saves nine. That is what a popular adage says and Watchers of unfolding events in our dear country Nigeria in the last one week especially those that are sensitive will easily agree that if not checked the present events can easily snowball into anarchy and great confusion.

This is because the type of zeal, determination and defiance that characterized the protest #ENDSARS# will worry all that cherish an orderly society.

What is the implication of all these particularly against the background of recent agitations against disequilibrium in the nation’s polity.

After much thinking, My conclusion is that the current agitation transcend far beyond the #ENDSARS# Movement.

I believe it is an opportunity many especially the vibrant youths have been waiting for to vent their anger on so many issues that affect the nation called Nigeria.

I did not need to be a prophet to know that the existence of the dreaded Federal Anti Robbery Squad FSARS will shortly come to an abrupt end in view of their excesses which negate the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The effrontery of SARS and the impunity with which they have carried on over the years will unsettle all lovers of democracy and rule of law.

On my way to one of the southern states recently, even though I started my journey early, it was as if the journey would not come to an end because of the activities of Police at check points on the road. Checks were conducted at every one kilometre.

The checks were done with utmost carelessness, total disregard and impunity. Why will policemen at a row will keep ten vehicles waiting because he wants to exhtort money from a driver of one vehicle? Others have to wait for their turn regardless of the status of the occupants of the vehicles.

Somebody in a post suggested that similar protests should be done to address many other ills of Nigeria.Will the country survive it?

What is the way forward? Thank God that the five point demand put forward by the agitators are being addressed but it goes beyond that.

Government must as a matter of urgency roll out machineries that can address all issues affecting the Nigeria nation ranging from agitations for self determinations by ethnic nationalities, the nature of our Federal System, Security, Health, Electricity Tarrifs, Petroleum Pump Price, Education, Judiciary, Electoral System, bad governance and provision of social safety nets for the aged, the unemployed and other disadvantaged members of the society.

Finally, the government the custodian of our vast resources must ensure a health care system that grant access to health care for those that are vulnerable and can not afford to take care of themselves in a manner that no one dies of sickness for lack of money.

Seconly government must ensure that no child drops out of school because of school fees. All these if implemented will reduce agitations and ensure peaceful coexistence and peaceful society.

Most of the Protesters are students, hence the need to resolve the face-off between the Federal Government and ASUU for the Universities to be reopened for academic activities.

May God help us.

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