Ogga Community located in Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State woke up in disbelief this morning 13th July, 2020 to the reality that the only road in the community has been completely swept away by gully erosion.

The ancient agrarian community of Ogga with a resident population of about Three Thousand people is known for their spirit of self help. Infact, the community is the toast and envy of other communities around with the feats they have recorded in the spirit of self help.

Having for long, come to the realization that government alone (National and Sub-National) can not provide all the amenities required for their existence, the community has since ages been involved in building their Primary Health Center, The Ogga-Ogbom Grammar School, The Primary School, The Police Post among other Projects.

Having also come to terms that successive governments have treated the road with reckless abandonment and there is no possible solution at sight from both the State and Local Governments, and the community having also known the imperative and strategic importance of the road, she has from time to time been maintaining not only the road but all other roads connecting the community.

The construction of the bridge linking Ogbe with Ogga is still fresh in our memories! On the now disused road, the community has been involved in regular grading and clearing of the drainages. The Afa bridge beside the First ECWA Church near the scene of the current gully linking Igboro with Oke-Odo was constructed by the community through self help. The current fate that befell the road occurred without notice because of the torrential rain that fell for days unabated.

The Community in its characteristic manner would have loved to commence the process of putting the road back to shape, but given the present financial position of the Community Development Association- The Ogga Progressive Union (O.P.U), the repairs have become practically impossible. The O.P.U. about two months ago just spent over Two Million Naira (N2,000,000) to provide sanitizers, running water, water tanks, soap, face masks and palliatives to cushion the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the community, To put this swept away road back to shape now, has become a task that is presently above the capacity of the community.

It is imperative to state that without putting the road back to use, the socio- economic lives of the inhabitants of the community and other adjoining communities like Omi, Ogbom, Jege linking the Oke-Oyi Division of Yagba East Local Government Area will be completely grounded!

The safety and security of lives and property of the people is currently being put into jeopardy because access to points of security breaches and threats to lives and property as was the case during last year’s Fulani Herdsmen attack on the community is already being threatened.

Another major challenge the damaged road has caused to the community now is that access to health facilities in Odo-Ere and/ or Egbe has become practically impossible. God forbid, any case of health emergency now can only be left to God to handle due to the damaged road.
Agriculture and farming, pottery making and other economic and social activities in the community has been totally paralyzed due to the condition of the road.

Given the above scenario, the National President of The Ogga Progressive Union appeals to the government at all levels, Federal, State and Local and good spirited individuals and politicians alike to come to the rescue of the community in restoring this delapidated and dysfunctional road so that life in our community can return to normalcy.

Bamidele Olure
President,Ogga Progressive Union.
13th July,2020.

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