The SSA to Kogi State Governor on Youth and Women Empowerment in person of Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel congratulates Hon. Abdullahi Bello and other newly elected state excos of the party (APC). He also Salute Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s strong and good leadership qualities towards making sure APC in Kogi State attain a greater heights. He urged the new excos to rededicate themselves to promoting unity in the party. He enjoined the team to work hard so as to take the party to a new level. Noting that their dedication and commitment to hard work will make the party win all political contest in the State come 2023.

The congress was conducted in line with the guiding laws of the party as the newly elected Chairman and the excos are not new to party Structure and the leaders of the party. He further said the need for the excos to deliver the party 100 percent in the forthcoming 2023 election is important. Adding that he will continue to give his support to the party to embark on aggressive membership drive to further strengthen our party and position it for victory in 2023. Olobatoke charged them to work hard and conduct affairs of the party in line with constitution. Unity and peace should be pursued at all times to ensure the continued success of the party in
future elections. The new excos need to live up to the expectations of the party as a lot is expected of them. Adding that their mandate is to deliver their party during and after the coming elections. The need to hit the ground running and reposition the party for future successes is also important. He urge them to commence meetings immediately and allow everyone to make contributions on how to move the party forward with agreed focus and purposes.

Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel expressed satisfaction over the conduct of the exercise, noting that it complied with the extant rules of the party. He said the party would win all the elections in the forthcoming 2023 general election because the party rightly chose individuals who have the capacity to work for the party.

Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel also thanked the the executive Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello for his immense contributions towards the progress of APC in Kogi State and Nigeria at large. Our Governor has been able to provide reasonable sense of relevance and belonging to every members of APC and has also determined to continue to give the Youths and Women the necessary opportunity to also participate actively within the party(APC). The Governor promised to give them sense of belonging to also occupy some key positions in Kogi State. Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel said as an active member of APC, he will continue to appreciate his Governor’s exceptional leadership that he has been able to provide for the entire citizen of Kogi State. He has done well to make sure we all have a better Kogi State of our dream. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello inherited a Kogi State Shackled by debts and so many Challenges that retarded the progress of Kogi State which was also attributed to so many years of poor leadership offered by the previous administration of PDP.

Because of the Governor’s courage and vision, Kogi State has made the transition from it previous position of weakness to being a notable player in the country’s national economy. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is undoubtedly the best Governor Kogi State has ever produced since her creation in 1991 till this moment. Our Workaholic and indefatigable Governor is credited for bringing peace, security and unity to Kogi State since he assumed office as the Governor of the State.

Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel also appeal to the entire citizen of Kogi State to support the Presidential ambition of our leader and father to many of us. We have keenly watched and seen the great infrastructural, peace, security stability, and economic developmental strides in Kogi State for the past six years and we can boastfully say we are proud of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello because he has recorded so many achievements so far in the development of Kogi State. We so much believe in his capacity and vision that he will do well if eventually he becomes the President of Nigeria. Please Kindly Join us in this great work to make the Presidential ambition of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello a reality come 2023.

We call on all the youths from all works of life across the six geopolitical Zone to support this divine project that will give birth to a fresh air of peaceful coexistence without any form of religion sentiment. Lastly! Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel admonished the newly elected excos of the party at the State, Local government and ward level to continue to stay true to party’s core aim of establishment because Hon. Abdullahi Bello has shown severally to the entire members of APC in the State that he’s truly a party loyalist because his Commitment and Stewardship saw the party grow Stronger, broader and more relevant in Kogi State. Therefore, we strongly commend him further in his stability through maintaining party discipline and cohesion. Hon. Olobatoke Segun Samuel said him and his team members would also give their commitment to Join hand with other APC Stakeholders in setting our great Party in a higher pedestal. All hand must be on deck as this is a crucial moment in our political endeavours in Kogi State. It is a moment other States are looking forward to.

Congratulations once again to Hon. Abdullahi Bello and other newly elected excos of our great Party(APC) in Kogi State.


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