Hon Segun and Folashade Olobatoke and 5 years of marital bliss


Hot couple, Segun and Folashade Olobatoke celebrate their 5 years of marital bliss with hearts full of gratitude to God for so far He has helped them, acknowledging that the years they have been together has been splendid.

While chatting with Fola earlier today, she said “I cannot believe it’s been FIVE YEARS!
“When we first got married, we were on this magical high of excitement and infatuation. Five years in, I recognise that what we have now, a deep commitment to each other and our children, a mutual respect for one another and most importantly, a marriage rooted in God – is TRUE LOVE. Because God is love”

Appreciating her hubby, Folashade said “Thank you for giving me room to be who I am. Thank you for choosing to love me on the days that I am hard to love. Thank you for teaching me to forgive constantly. I’ve come to learn that the Sacrament of Matrimony is an opportunity to grow in grace and virtue because it is not easy, and I wouldn’t want to go through this fire with anyone other than you”.

Her husband Segun in his reply, said “Thankful and Blessed to have the support of an Exceptional Woman @Fola by my side, beautiful on the outside but most importantly on the inside, 5yrs feels like a week with you, I would gladly do the time all over again and again.

This couple have been identified with an exceptionally golden hearts of charitable activities and philanthropic strides and constant desire to put smile on people’s faces.

They have both positively affected lives too numerous to mention.
May their marriage continue to witness endless bliss.

Elder Gideon Ayodele
Publisher/Editor in Chief

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