Idoko health and social services foundation wades in to curb drug abuse amongst young youth

Idoko health and social services foundation wades in to curb drug abuse amongst young youth

Idoko health and social services foundation, a leading health service provider/volunteer has flagged off awareness campaign against the high rate of drug abuse in the society most especially in the secondary School/ tertiary institutions and among the informal sectors in Kabba-Bunu local government area of Kogi State.

Since access to healthcare services is a key component to quality outcomes, rural providers play a significant role in delivering timely, effective and safe care.

According to the Executive Director of the foundation Prince Onuche Isaac Idoko, after covid-19 pandemic, Drug Abuse is already a Pandemic and crave for more collaboration among the leaders of the government establishments, departments and agencies to take urgent steps in addressing this menace.

For the purpose of further enlightenment, Prince Onuche Isaac Idoko led health and social services foundation took the program to Christ Anglican secondary School Kabba, where the Chief Orientation Officer kabba Bunu National Orientation Agency, NOA in the ministry of information gave the public lecture and the management team of the school. Questions and answers session was entertained.

It was obseved that although most youth are in good health, some youth are at an increased risk for behaviors that can lead to poor health outcomes, such as high-risk substance use. The majority of adults who meet the criteria for having a substance use disorder started using substances during their teen and young adult years.

Prince Onuche Isaac Idoko further stressed that research has improved our understanding of factors that help buffer youth from a variety of risky behaviors, including substance use.

These are known as protective factors. Some protective factors for high risk substance use include:
These he highlighted as: Parent or family engagement, Family support, Parental disapproval of substance use, Parental monitoring and School Connectedness.

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