ILEYA OMO OKUN: Don calls for cultural reawakening, unity of purpose

ILEYA OMO OKUN: Don calls for cultural reawakening, unity of purpose

A university lecturer, Rev. Fr. Paul-Kayode Tubi has called for cultural reawakening amongst the Okun people of Nigeria, said it is a strong pathway for the development of the area.

Fr. Tubi of Department of Archeology and Museum studies, Federal University, Lokoja, was speaking at the maiden edition of the ILE YA OMO OKUN, organized by the Yeye Oge of Okunland, Mrs. Labake Aiyelabowo, held in Kabba, headquarters of Okun kingdom
Prof. Etunmbi also urged the Okun people to sustain the educational legacy in the area, stressing that education still remain the bedrock of the society.

Delivering his lecture tittled, “Ile Ya OMO OKUN (HOME CALLING FESTIVAL) , Prof. Etumbi said the Okun people had experienced their worst period under the present setting of Kogi State.

“The Okun people are still suppressed in civil service, political positions, social amenities and educational institutions.

“The way forward is for all Okun people to supports the call for restructuring of Nigeria with special attention to ethnic perculiarities.

“Okun must leave Arewa (North) and join their kins in South West. And if state creation ever occured, Okun state must be created within the Western Nigeria.”

While speaking further on the way forward, Etunmbi called for cultural reawakening through customs, songs, arts and crafts, “The Okun language must be reawakened. Those outside Nigeria must teach the dialect to their children.

“Industries must be created in Okunland to create job for the youths. There must be genuine scholarships for the educational development of the land – which is the main stay of Okun people.

“Okun people must speak with one voice and express our unity as one; while still not losing our separate identities.

“Above all, Okun people must embraced the principle of fairness in the sharing of political officers accrued to them. ”

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