International Child Labour Day: Omotayo Ishaya Calls For An End to Child Labour


As the the world mark the International Day Against Child Labour, the Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Women and Children Development, Princess Omotayo Adeleye Ishaya was called for an end to Child Labour in the Country.

The United Nations designated June 12 every year as World Day Against Child Labour.

The day is set aside to create awareness on child Labour such as form of work that deprive children of their childhood or interferes with their ability to go to school.

Speaking on the significance of the Day, the Senior Special Assistant on Women and Children Development to the Governor of Kogi State, Hon. Omotayo Adeleye Ishaya said that, there is need for a sustainable target to eradicate child labour in our society. Also, the COVID-19 health pandemic and the effect of lockdown may push a lot of children into child labour. However, Kogi State government has intensify effort in pulling our children off the street and reenrolled them back into the school system.

Omotayo said “Indicator shows that 32.2% of Nigerian children of age 5 – 17 years are engaged in child labour and the girl child is most affected. The government effort is to discourage child labour in the state by promoting a balance rights and responsibilities of children; and understanding the reciprocating basis of right through an environment where right is respected which in turn give the children the capacity to exercise their responsibilities.”

Speaking further, she quote from Grace Abbot saying – child labour and poverty are inevitably bound together and if we continue to use labour of children as treatment for the social disease, we will continue to have both poverty and child labour in our society to the end of time. Therefore, using our children for child labour to achieve economic emancipation or survival is unacceptable, and it must stop, she said.

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