Any Nigerian who does not feel the rot, the marginalization, the injustices, the oppressions, the insecurity and the systematic subjugation of other tribes that constitute the Nigerian nation to a second class rating on their fatherland now, must really be thick skinned or just being irrational!

The issue of Nigeria now is far beyond the myopic, selfish and banal topics of the so called pdp/apc rivalry; or Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo dichotomies!

It is the quest for the survival of a people who suddenly find themselves face to face with a form of neocolonialism that is the problem on ground!

If self defence against any form of harm by an individual is not a crime, then the present peaceful agitations against the massacres of Nigerians by strange herdsmen; the raping of our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers by faceless criminals; the heartless kidnappings of innocent citizens for cut throat ransoms(the commodifications of our people) and the wanton destructions of our farmers and their farmlands by ubiquitous unknown gunmen is not a crime too. No sane person or people will sit down idle and watch destruction or any form of danger consume them! They are bound to defend themselves against any form of harm as long as they are living beings. This is an incontrovertible fact; the first law of nature that is instinctively human!

My fear is, how can one make these narrow minded Nigerians( who cannot understand the issue of Nigeria beyond party, tribe and religious infighting) to understand this big issue on ground?

How do one explain to them that the issue on ground is far more than mere party affiliations or squabbles, or tribal jingoism or even mere religious sentiment?

To these parochial set of people, the issue of Nigeria is only understood on the level of party, religious or tribal interests and not on the level of national interest of all a sundry. So, they classify your honest suggestions, concerns, talks and writings into what party, religion or even tribal interest you represent or try to market to them!

They do not know that what is on ground is the quest for the survival of a people that is currently at a cross road!

Do these narrow minded Nigerians realize that without the Nigerian nation, these flimsy distractions as religious and party affiliations will cease to be operational? They should realise that it is the living that play politics; practise religion or attend tribal gatherings; so they should address themselves to weightier matter as the survival of a people and not dissipate their enemies on frivolities!

Let us unite as a people to fight for the survival of a true Nigeria where nobody is oppressed; where peace, justice, love honesty, hard work and good governance reign. If these good qualities are put in place, I can assure you that, sanity, progress and equanimity will become ours in our beloved nation Nigeria!

May God bless Nigeria.

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