Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023:OMO is a “rare spec” -OMO Political Movement

Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu 2023:OMO is a “rare spec”  -OMO Political Movement

Who is OMO? ( Olaiya Michael Olobatoke). #OMO is one man who believes better representative is non negotiable and it is on this note that he has choosen to represent our people at the 10th assembly in the House of Rep.

Dear brothers, sisters and friend, this is our opportunity to really showcase our own indefatigable, unsinkable #Olaiya who can be likened to be one of our best brains at this time.

Olaiya is no doubt a man who who has seen it all, talking about poverty in which he had a taste of, or is it talking about street which he was part of and also talking about our culture and developmental challenges which he is abreast of. I can tell you that, he’s one man who really understands where the shoes pinches.

I believe he would deliver, I believe he’s mentally healthy, I believe he’s strong enough in character, I believe he’s a unifying factor, a man, who’s parents are both rooted in Kabba/Bunu and Ijumu.

Today, I make bold to announce to you that, he was never a failure, and he’s not a failure and he’s won’t be one going forward.

Trust me, we are having for the first time the likes mind for everyone.
his relationship caught across our diverse, whether in religion or in politics. for him, Ijumu is a home just as Kabba/Bunu is. so, it is a win win for us all.

The most amazing thing about this young and vibrant man is that, he is a philanthropist by all standard, and showing off is never his thing, quiet but smart, open to advise, opinions and also ready to listen at all times. he sees everyone from their own point of view and accord them their deserve respect, he never look down on people atleast to the best of my knowledge. As far as he is concerned, and regardless of where you come from, you’re a brother even if you choose otherwise. #Character” and whether you are for him or not, he just lov you for who you’re! #Strength.

Honestly in one word, he’s a “rare spec” if you ask me. never appear tough or arrogant whether in private, office, or in public space. these are some of the reasons that endeared him to me which makes me consider him as an emerging #Trust we can depend on.

join us for a better #Kabba_Bunu_Ijumu_Fed_constituency.






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