Kogi; Gov Bello Suspends, Dr. Ahmed Attah, Specialists Hospital CMD



The Kogi State Government had suspended the Chief Medical Director of the Specialist Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Attach.

The suspension is hinged on his failure to comply with the single Treasury account in operation by the state government.

The CMD was directed to handover since Friday, even as insinuation of his suspension is hinged on his closeness and a Loyalists of the Deputy Governor.

According to sources, the inability of the Specialist Hospital to operate single Treasury account was as a result of the need to constantly pay Doctors the hospital employed recently and paid from the hospital’s coffers.

Furthermore, the hospital was operating a drug revolving scheme and would be pretty difficult to sustain the scheme if the money is paid into the state government account before seeking for approval and withdrawal when the hospital run out of stocks.

Similarly, the hospital runs on medicaments and other items like diesel, items considered very important on daily use, thus, it was pretty difficult to run the single Treasury account.
Credit: Nigerian Post

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