Dear Architect David Babatunde , as you mark your birthday today, we bring you best wishes and good tidings from the stable of Kwara South Youth Alliance, an umbrella body of Kwara south youths and other people who are appreciative of all that you are doing to advance the cause of our people in kwara south and improve on the legacy and dignity of our Kwara state

In this our time and era, there is no voice so firm and clarion to make a case of the common man at the grassroots as yours. Your creation of New Season Investment and Microfinance Bank, a financial institution which has employed many youths of Kwara and provide them with means to feed their families while also providing avenue for unprivileged and less privilege Kwarans to access financial aides to boost their micro businesses is a legendary contribution to a state like ours where poverty is endemic .

Even though you are not based in Nigeria let alone kwara state, we believe such initiative was driven out of your passion to give back to society and help build your fathers land, hence , there is no vision so clear and focused to develop, advance and sustain the daily endeavors of responsible Kwarans as you have so far demonstrated

As a gentleman whom have attained so much in your youthful age , we see you as a symbol of hope and worthy Ambassador to emulate by upcoming generation and as such we are proud to be associated with you .

You are indeed a leader and torchbearer, you have never reneged in your willingness and ability to reciprocate the slight opportunity that Kwara State had afforded you

What you have become today is a product of grace and hard works, you were born with silver spoon but you never feed yourself with it , rather you pursue your own personal desire to create thousands of not only silver spoons but golden spoons . all that you have achieved in life today have not come without a price, you have laid so much on the line to get to where you are today . We are therefore inspired by your godly life as you continue to age with grace.

Sir Komoh as you are popularly called , we see today as an opportunity to reflect on your contribution to youth constituency of kwara and we feel honored that you come from Southern parts of the state where dignity, Godliness and moral are our guides to life .

As youths , the little we can give in return is saying our little THANK YOU and having you in our daily prayers .We most appreciate your unalloyed support for the less privileges especially since the launching of your company late last year

From all of us at Kwara South Youth Alliance , we say a big and resounding HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir!!!


Kwara South Youth Alliance

25th January, 2020

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