Leke Abejide: 365 Days Of Life touching Legislation


Legislation without touching lives isn’t enough, but we can say categorically after 365days of the inauguration of Hon. Leke Abejide that; is leadership prowess prevails beyond our imagination.

Reflecting on his agenda, he has proven to be a hallmark of excellence, who is bent on making things differently. He has also displayed the transparency, honesty, and a progressive mind in all his dealings.

In the last year of being a member of the House of Representatives, he had distinguished himself to be different, respected and also been able to propel a contemporary constituency, through his projects.

Hon. Leke Abejide, the Deputy Chairman Custom and Excise, has been exemplified good legacies through his legislation that touches every individual in his constituency comprising the old, young, men women and youths.

Hon. Leke representing yagba federal constituency has in his first year demonstrated what legislation entails not just at the lower chamber but he also made this reflect on his immediate constituents.

Out of his benevolent and generosity, as a lover of education and promoter of academics, the payment was to lessen parents burden from borrowing money to reimburse this fees.

Part of his willingness to make life easy for his people made him sunk eight boreholes across the constituency.

He also deemed it fit by grading roads linking one village to another, he as adequately appointed 62 aides across the board in Yagba with monthly payments for all the aides.

In the Agricultural sector, he disbursed seedlings to farmers for effective, fast and continual development in agricultural.

So far, he has been able to change the facet of legislation in Yagba from what it used to be to what it’s supposed to be.

Also, he has been able to come up with an empowerment program where several grinding machines, sewing machines, Motorbikes, and another life form of the beneficial franchise was given to the people across Yagba.

There are other proposed projects to improve and affect the lives of his constituents positively.

Hon. Leke is a leader, who is bent on improving lives, it’s would not be out of place to encourage him and also support him in his legislative procedures.

Other than just being a legislature, he is a friend of the masses he represents.


Abraham Ibukun Eunice.

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