The man Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris (MAAI) who is the commissioner of Finance,Budget and Economic Planning of Kogi State has written his name so bold in the book of selfless service to humanity across board. He is one man that loves putting smiles on people’s face no matter what it will cost him,he is one man that is so accessible to a fault that people do say that if all leaders were like him then the world would have been a better place,his love for the masses is indeed a massive one.

A scenario happened of recent and i watch him closely and concluded that this man MAAI is truly a God sent to many,two old women came around to his house and they said they have heard of his benevolence and that they so much believe that God will use him in solving their problems which is one is on health ground and the other on upkeep of feeding. Just like a joke as he was driving out for a meeting he sighted them and called me that their problems be attended to and he attended to their challenges and they both prayed for him.

Though one is not surprise that he is doing this as he is only emulating his leader His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State in reaching out to the vulnerable’s in the society.

MAAI empowerment in terms of human capacity building is second to none as he is on a daily basis reaching out to people to better their lives and he is doing all these in humility,he has through his foundation ASIWAJU ASIRU FOUNDATION put hundreds of persons on his payroll for regular monthly stipends and has constantly been reaching out to the less privileged in our society without prejudice to where they are from and which religion they practice as he is following the foot step of his leader and boss the most detribalised Cum unifier leader and the man whose the future of NIGERIA rests upon his shoulder come 2023 in person of Governor Yahaya Bello to become President Yahaya Bello by the grace of God Almighty.

MAAI is indeed a “SUCCOR GIVER” to so many and it is my earnest prayer that God will continue to bless and protect him for more of this selfless service to humanity

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