My two Friends, their Conversations and the Nigerian Dream

My two Friends, their Conversations and the Nigerian Dream

By Oshaloto Joseph Tade

I cannot forget the luck I had in bringing my two friends whose status updates on Twitter and WhatsApp hold great Economics insights for me. It was around May when I was still SSA to the Governor on Security Matters for Yagba West. Although, I ended up ‘watching their mouths’ when they began to throw up data, research procedures, concepts and other frontiers of macroeconomics, I nevertheless felt very proud and grateful for having them as friends.

Their deep understanding of, and willingness to share, economic concepts did impress me very much that I began to feel a renewed sense of hope for the country.

Muktar Yusuf and Akinlolu Olojede are both graduates of Economics and, but for ASUU, would have long been through with their MSc in this enviable fields.

But aside their certifications (which I obviously have big respect for), these fine young gentlemen have created brand identities for themselves by what they do consistently and happily. They are also a challenge to the nation which must ensure that the Akins and Muktars across the country are given the right atmosphere to be what they are called to be.

But hey, government, park one side fess. Let me honor my conscience on the need to publicly appreciate the grueling efforts young people are investing in life to really smart in their areas of calling. It speaks to my view that if the country must change, the kind of conversation that those of us who are young people will engage in must shift from banality to innovativeness.

The storm will settle. Life will come anew. But ideas will always rule the world.

Oshaloto Joseph Tade

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