Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke: A Book to Be Studied.

Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke: A Book to Be Studied.

By Bonire Solomon

The developed countries of the world usually study or conduct researches, keep files of findings and at times create schools of study for whatever is unusual that amazes them, it could be an object or thing. If it is a human being, they will even send other younger ones to understudy such an exceptional being so that they can reproduce such outstanding character and legacies in their society.

Little wonder why histories and legacies are kept and sometimes reproducible, records are broken in a better way and developments are even.

I have oftentimes referred to the meekness, kindness, and the receptive nature of Chief Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke in my various post, it most times looks as if one is overblowing the trumpet of a mere mortal, but experience has taught us that there are rare species of human beings; Chief Olaiya falls in that category.
Let me ask you to look at this through my optical lenses, without a mindset on politics and position seeking. Olaiya is a man that cut across, he is purely detribalised and can hardly be negatively influenced. He is a man that demystified the arrogances that comes with been successful or wealthy in life. He sees life from the perspective of his nativity and local upbringing, he believes that through hard work, prayer and determination, like him, a son of nobody can become somebody, so he despises no one around him or even faraway.

In the new Nigeria where lying and faking becomes the new normal [no thanks to all those who have lead and dragged us backwards], Chief Olaiya still prides himself in being truthful and objective. Not even his entrant into active politics could change the sincere part of him, not the lies and shenanigans involved will move him from been empathetic.

At the level God Has placed him, he is not ready to do away from those he grew up with because of some inane and opulence classifications. Olaiya still touches and identifies with base, he has found a way in calibrating himself to dealing with whatever and whichever place and class of people he finds himself with at any particular time and season.

He joined politics and the National Assembly race as one of the most disadvantaged candidates, judging by the weight and experience of those already jostling to represent or re-represent our people. Today, his intimating presence on the scene is daily unsettling his rivals and nay-sayers who themselves marvels at how he has been able to manage rough curves and sharp edges that chases honest and sincere individual from politicking.

He lives in love and likes impacting lives daily. His life is not dependent on politics, he is happy to work with whoever becomes the standard-bearer of the party he seeks to fly the flag, he takes life simple and he is not vain.

A book has so many chapters so also is Olobatoke, a book has its opening paragraph and the ending one, a good book may have a roller-coaster ride that crescendos to a climax or anti-climax. A good study book teaches a lot of lessons, from behavioural to knowledge induced and result oriented lessons. Chief Olobatoke appears as a different thing from a different perspective to different people.

He is like a good study book to be studied and learned from, he is positive and abhors negativity. He is courageous and carries an unprecedented grace of God.

I daily read or study him like a book on Cambridge University shelve. His character and dealings are worthy of emulations. He is not only ready to serve but he brings vigour to service with ease of doing things. Don’t be deceived, leadership and service may be presented as ambiguous but through the man Olaiya, it is not rocket science.

Bonire Solomon writes from Bunu Kingdom.

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