Olobatoke Michael Olaiya (OMO); A Venerated Young Man Worthy of Emulation

Olobatoke Michael Olaiya (OMO); A Venerated Young Man Worthy of Emulation

By Comrade Olugbemi Ojo-Tina.

It is imperative that we state the obvious reasons why Olobatoke Michael Olaiya (OMO) should be given the opportunity to serve at the Green Chamber come 2023.

OMO, been a young energetic and a successful business man, will represent us better without mincing words or getting economical with the truth.

Sentiments apart, Olobatoke Michael Olaiya has paid his dues politically and can be trusted with our mandates, he is a man that has earn his strides, and he is neither nepotic nor a bigot. A man who is not two timing nor two faced and who has shown huge capacity and courage at all levels is who Okun nation deserves.

Taking a look at his dynamism, sagacity and his intellectual capabilities, OMO’s work ethics and cosmopolitan nature as an Okun-Yoruba man is unrivalled. His mien, competency and vigour is what and who we need for a sincere and qualitative representative in our present day Okun and Nigeria as a whole.

He is a man who teaches how to fish, a man who gives livelihood rather than give an interim benefit deserves a continuous mention and a permanent place in the hall of the nobles. With equity, Justice, accountability and fairness as his watchword, what more do we expect from someone who seeks to positively re-write the name of our constituency on the map of the nation.

I am urging the entire people and stakeholders of Kabba/Bunu/ijumu Federal Constituency to please, unanimously work with OMO in other to take our constituency to a formidable, better and a higher level come 2023.

A vote or support for Olaiya will not be a waste but will bring transformation, renovation and elevation in our dear kabba/Bunu/ijumu federal constituency.

With (OMO) kabba/Bunu/Ijumu is in a safe hand.

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