Progressives Media Organisation (PMO) a media advocacy network for the APC cautions PDP to leave Governor Rotimi Akeredolu alone and face the affliction of division rocking them. PDP with its latest resort to accusation of rigging for an election that is clear 2 weeks away has shown that it is only desperately attempting to buy sympathy from the good people of Ondo, having fully sensed the fiasco that awaits it.

From all indications, the party clearly lacks campaign objectives and has absolutely nothing to tell the people, having routinely failed them in the past. The sinking party clearly has no courage, temerity and boldness to ask for the people’s votes when it has demonstrated that it does not have the people at the centre of its governance but to plunder their common patrimony and loot them blind with audacious impunity.

PMO says the helplessly fizzling PDP, a party that has carved a niche for itself in undermining all known democratic principles is in distress and craving for a shadow of relevance including trading on incitement, rumour and outright falsehood peddling.

We are not oblivious of plans by the PDP to import thugs from Edo, Rivers and Oyo to cause mayhem and disrupt the governorship electioneering process on October 10, 2020 in Ondo. This is predicated in their hallucinatory assumption that their Edo shenanigans will be permitted and condoned in Ondo. We must caution PDP to jettison any plan to truncate the will of the people of Ondo as their criminal antics will not be allowed to thrive in Ondo. The people are fully ready to defend their votes and not yield to intimidation.

For a party deeply bottled in legion of crisis and internal wrangling not to face its burning house of corruption but resort to accusing the performing governor of Ondo and our candidate in the upcoming election, His Excellency, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) of coercing the security agents and electoral umpire, it only points to one direction; that the PDP is eagerly grasping for breath and lacks capacity to muster any meaningful voting figure among the good people of Ondo. Their candidate, Mr. Eyitayo Jegede has been mercilessly floored in the past and does not possess any magic that would save him this time around.

For the record purpose, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has in the last three and half years of his administration justified the confidence the electorate reposed in him when they overwhelming chose him over the unpopular Eyitayo Jegede in 2016. The infrastructural renewal his administration has embarked upon since 2016, the agricultural revolution, the turnaround in education sector, the care for the elderly and other people-oriented policies his administration has initiated and completed. Governor Akeredolu has warmed his way into the people’s heart and will massively secure their mandate for a second time in October 10.

The PDP should perish the idea of returning back to the Government House as the people are not ready for another journey in wilderness. The people of Ondo know what is good for them and the PDP does not have the face of the welfare and prosperity of the good people of Ondo.


Samuel Ebuka

Ag. National Publicity Secretary

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