One More Reason It’s Youth O’clock By Tade

One More Reason It’s Youth O’clock By Tade

Some abilities come naturally to some people. I recall how my sister and friend Jimoh E Nancy would easily shine in our literature classes back in Titcombe. I recall Mr Otori having to practically empty his understandably lean pockets on Tope Jimoh – as she then was – because of her ability to process the complex and intriguing narrative of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.

There’s nothing stopping Tope from becoming a celebrated novelist or critic given her extraordinary literary power when we were in high school. But her country has always been poorly run by those who don’t really care about us.

I do not have the statistics but I invite all Nigerians join me in checking out the number of times Nigerian schools have gone on strike since 2005. Thank God for the progress we are making despite the needless roadblocks. Thank God for the capacity.

Like myself, Jimoh Nancy isn’t from a rich family. However, Nancy and Tade and every young person are now under a moral obligation to seek ways to change the leadership landscape. It is a difficult space yet angels would not come down to fix much – if they’d come at all.

I’m at the Nigerian Merit House for the official launch of Bello Ambassadors Network BAN. I frankly wish every young Nigerians with whom we have suffered the Nigerian misadventures were here. Who says Nancy can’t be a minister or a DG or a freer Nigerian under Yahaya Bello Presidency? Who says she would not perform much more effectively than, than, you know, than them?


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