By Vitus Adebija

Nigerians are about the most easily governable people on earth. They take various types of government that come their way in their strides and act accordingly. When a sincere government comes on board, Nigerians will act accordingly; if somehow, a none focus government comes on board, things are bound to go bad. Hence, like the thermometer, Nigerians exhibit traits: good or bad according to the dictates of the government in power. A few examples might help clarify my contention.

A practical example was the Muritala government of 1979 which came on board to rid the country of Bribery and Corruption. Like the hurricane, the country’s civil service structure was shaken to its roots. Corrupt civil servants and redundant elements in the civil service especially at the federal level were shown the way out of government’s ministries and parastals.

Within a very short time of that administration, the whole federal system like the Archean stable was almost sanitized and the entire work force in the federal civil service was put on its toes for better productivity. But for the brutal termination of the Muritala government by the 1979 coup, the country would have been enjoying the dividends of that government till now.

Again, 1984 saw the inception of the Buhari/Idiagbon led government which came on board determined to rid the country of corruption and indiscipline. With the establishment of War Against Indiscipline (WAI), that government was poised to reposition the country on the path of discipline, hardwork and corrupt free nation.

Like the corrigible people that they are, Nigerians adjusted quickly to the demands of the time. Orderliness, promptness to duties, honesty, hard work and discipline were restored to the civil service and good governance were put in place at every sector of the country.

All Nigerians needed at that time to act accordingly was a casual shout of “WAI” and they will correct themselves of any form of misdemeanour. These good behaviour, orderliness and hard work were replicated at state level by the various governors.

In fact, the country was at the verge of evolving a more effective society when the unfortunate coup of 1984 came to truncate the good foundation the Buhari/Idiagbon led government was trying to lay.
Since then, successive governments have come on board and Nigerians, characteristic of them, have danced to the tones the various governments have played. This explains my belief that the government is the problem the country has. With a good government in place, the people will act right. All that is expected of any government that is ready to lead the country to the desired promised land, is for that government to be sincere, patriotic, exemplary, impartial, nationalistic and disciplined; and the people will have no choice but to follow her to attaining the good nation we have all been yearning for.

May God bless Nigeria!

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