By Oba Adetokunbo Okikiola Tejuosho

In recent years, leadership has gone beyond the traditional concept of exclusivity of those in position of authority or power. Leadership has become an all encompassing concept that manifests in every individual who is focused, determined and ready to do things right, or take initiative to act in a manner that will add value to self, family, community and humanity.

That’s why the Indian teenage environmentalist is the world foremost leader on the global efforts on climate change.

You don’t have to be old or rich or super rich to exert influence. It is all in the mental attitude in one’s focus and determination to have a vision and pursue the mission passionately and unwavering in the face of all odds.What the digital age generation should hold on to is the great strength of character, a resolve not to give in to failure in any worthwhile venture, no matter the difficulties encountered.

Yes, I am your Oba, your traditional father in Orile Kemta, all you can see outwards is the paraphernalia of office, you might not be able to see my efforts and my daily effort to fulfill my desire to see to the improvement of the community and humanity unless we communicate like this.
Especially, it is generally believed that we all forget our plans and objective of living when we are confronted with unexpected situations like the Covid-19, the pandemic ravaging the world. It is a war, an invisible war that put everything and everyone in coma. It had happened before; pandemic put the world bin coma in 1860s and 1920.

Nations and individuals survived the calamities with great death tolls and economic depressions. Those nations and people that looked into the future when the war was going on and reacted positively profited from the proactive measures they took. Those that remain dejected and did nothing to revive their socio-econmic well being were left behind. We cannot allow Covid-19 aftermath to devalue our lives in Orile Kemta and in Nigeria hence the need to do something. And with the global economy melt down and traffic restrictions all over the world, I knew that both the young and the old in Orile Kemta need to put on their strategic thinking and planning caps to survive the pandemic and live better afterwards.

That is why as an individual, I identified the opportunity in a seemingly hopeless situation, and not only spoke to my subjects on what need be done, I took the bold step to be in the vanguard of a green revolution of farming.

That’s why I established ORILE KEMTA ROYAL FARMS. Instead of waiting for the unknown, I occupied my spare time from Royalty assignments with farming. Thank God we had made progress before Covid-19 on roads and other infrastructure to make agrarian venture easy. Farming is what I expect our youths be it in Orile Kemta or Ogun state or Nigeria to embrace. With factories closing and workers losing their jobs, youth should emulate what I am doing, farming.

Food is the most basic need after the air we breathe. All other trading commodities are finding it tough in the market. It is the nation with surplus food that will dominate the world economy after the pandemic.
Imaging if we have many of us in Orile Kemta, Ogun State and Nigeria (and we have the land) that go into farming, many job opportunities will be created as we become exporters of farm produce.

Today apart from farm crops, our Orile Kemta Royal Farms is almost ready to take off with 10 fishponds of 50 x 30 x 5ft and each can hold 5000 fish. The target is 50 fishponds. This will guarantee the making of dry fish for exportation in the years ahead.
There are also 2 Pens for birds(hens)that will house 7000 birds each for the take off of the project. The target is 10 of such facilities. When our project is completed, I may even be more known as Farmer Adetokunbo Tejuosho than as Kabiyesi of Orile Kemta.

Some of you hearing me or who comes across this must ACT, and take your own destiny in your hands. Do something today; farming, fabricating, designing etc. Do something and become an entrepreneur. You are too young to be held down by covic-19 or any obstacle that is holding you down. Get out of your cocoon of self pity. You can also make LEMONADE OUT OF LEMON.
May God bless you all.

His Royal Majesty, Oba Adetokunbo Okikiola Tejuosho
Kabiyesi of Orile Kemta.

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