By Musa Asiru Bakare

The spiritual feelings of every right thinking Okun son and daughter must be offended, gripped and worried by the screaming caption of a perceived tension in ODA as “MOKIKAN PLOTS TENURE ELONGATION”, ostensibly featured as a position of a group they called Okun Leaders Forum (OLF) and whose spokesperson was said to be a Chief Ojo Adebayo.

Chief Ojo Adebayo was quoted as saying that the group is cautioning the Mokikan led National Executive Committee of ODA to back off a surreptitious moves and plan towards self perpetuation after their first term in office

We as Okun sons and daughters need to react to this because the Chief Ojo Adebayo is an Okun Chief and as such deserves respect, advice and encouragement in areas of decorum and cautioning in the groups approach to issues relating to our common patrimony

An opinion of a group of the nature submitted here are at best better ignored but for some very gullible or better put, unsuspecting members of ODA larger family and of Nigerian public who may not be wary of the inherent terribly mischievous intensions of some.

There are however many questions Okun people must ask if we are not to be dragged into some terribly damaging rumouring political calculations of some very selfish ego driven people who gives no good thoughts of the feelings of Okun larger family before embarking on evil laddened intentions.

Pardon my reactions here to what at best is a rumour in the mills. Rumour peddling because the group ought to have come up with a position paper duly signed and their members mentioned for them to be worthy of being quoted

Who indeed are the members of the said Okun Leaders Forum (OLF), other than Chief Ojo Adebayo as mentioned ? Where are their offices domiciled ?

If indeed there are issues the group is seriously suddenly worried, agitated and feel concerns about in the interest of Okunland and Okun people, were there concerted efforts on their part at meeting with and obtaining the position of the Mokikan led National Executive Council of ODA before jumping out to react so damning to what was in their imagination and suspicion ?

In whose interest were members of the OLF talking ?

Has the group appraised the performance and achievements of the Mokikan led National Executive in the last few years of their stewardship what to them is their scorecard ? This is what we ought to for now talk about and not about an ambition of a National Executive Council that not being paid serve their fatherland and whose tenure is not yet winding down

Do the members of OLF have copies of the Constitution of ODA ? Have they thoroughly read and digest the contents of the document ?

Are members of the group aware that the constitution of ODA under which the Mokikan led National Executive Council are presently operating is the same that gives the National Executive Council four years term of two terms if the National Congress of ODA finds them worthy of tenure renewal ?

Why with the current wave of uncertainty in the political space of Nigeria, that daunting security threat to our land and people will any group not think of what can better wield us together and be more prepared to facing the challenges ahead.

For the benefit of doubt, the present constitution being used by the ODA is the same constitution under which Ambassador Fadumiyo led National Executive Council operated. That constitution grants the National Executive Council of ODA two terms of four years renewability if Okun people finds them worthy.

Okun agbe ghaoo !

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