Richard Akanmode felicitates with His Excellency, Arch Yomi Awoniyi on his birthday


YE, my dear benefactor, brother and friend, Glory to the giver of life for taking you this far in life.

You have distinguished yourself as a thorough bred, savvy, urbane, principled , dependable, civil, courageous and hardworking personage. These inexhaustible attributes notwithstanding, you have remained unassuming, accessible, affable and down to earth.

You are ever willing to wave your privileges and equate with people of all strata and status in life.

From the intimacy we shared for about 4 years, I came to discover your capacity and compassion, your courage and courtesy and your creative combination of cosmopolitanism and conservatism, with the latter explaining your high values for trust, dignity and discipline.

As a Deputy Governor, you gave in so much and got so little, ending up less financially healthy than you were before you assumed office. Our Nation surely needs you at the very top of governance. I believe those opportunities are ahead.
I pray that the life ahead will bring you more fulfillment.

Thank you for the leadership you provided, the path you charted , the wisdom you have always exhibited and for the kindness you show.

May God reward you more and more in the years ahead.

Enjoy your day and the great blessings that lie ahead.
Happy birthday, Your Excellency.

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