By Gbenga Bright

Sports events is one the finest activities that compliments education via healthy competition acrossthe globe. It has also enable the fast discovery of skills and talents among the youths particularly the students, this is one of the focus and target of the “Catch Them Young” Sport Initiative by Sen Dino Melaye.
In the last fee weeks, activities of sports and athletic competition have received high boost from Sen Dino Melaye’s Grassroots Sport Initiative with the donation of all- round sports equipment across the three (3) Federal Constituencies that makes up Kogi West Senatorial District.
According to S A Media to Senator Dino Melaye, Mr. Gideon Ayodele who doubles as the coordinator of the Senator Dino Melaye’s Grassroots Sports Initiative confirmed that the target of the initiative is to “catch them young” at the grassroots.
He said that the initiative will not stop at the provision of sports equipment but follow up to ensure that hidden talents are discovered and supported so that some of them can take a career in sport.
“Before the end of this year, we shall be having the maiden edition of the Senator Dino Melaye Inter Schools sports festival across Kogi west senatorial District” he said.
Sport can be described as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
“team sports such as soccer and Handball.
In other words sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess”. … Oxford Dictionary defines sport as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or a team competes against another or others for entertainment”.
Kogi West Senatorial District is endowed with brilliant students and youths across, this informed the age long Sen Dino Melaye’s Grassroots Sports Initiative which is dated back 2003 with the birth of IMOLEDE FOOT BALL COMPETITION, an annual sporting event which has continue to received major boost and talent discovery in Kogi West.
Within the last few months, it has been discovered that sporting event in most secondary schools are completely dead due to in ability of authorities to acquire some of this needed equipments. According to the elated school principals, we have able talented young boys and girls who have shown willingness to engage in sporting activities and even want to make career out of it, but the irony of it is that the required tool are not within our reach. With this lofty donation to our schools by distinguished Senator Dino Melaye, we shall ensure the maximum utilization of those tools to the benefit of our student and schools.
The elated principals thanked Sen Dino Melaye for investing in the lives of the this young talents, they prayed God to grant him more success ahead and promised to maintain them.
They noted that Sen Dino Melaye’s Grassroots Sports Initiative was a reinvention of sports athletics in Kogi West. Their talents and competence to the world as it served as platform to discover sporting talents in their various schools. For sure, it will undoubtedly enhance the physical and mental fitness in all sphere of life.
At the opening remark, Coordinator of the initiative, Mr Gideon Ayodele noted and assured the schools that more equipments will be made available in due course, the idea is to ensure we engage our youths meaningfully.
We have observed That sport development will no doubt compliment other educational activities of the schools. The negative drift within our society calls for holistic engagement of students/youths, he noted.
One of the highlights of the reach out was the enthusiasm and joy among the benefiting schools. The students on their part offered prayers and goodwill messages to Sen Dino Melaye for his consistency and fair distribution of this sport equipments.
The inspiring zeall, fervor displayed by the student revealed a special revelations.
At end of distribution, 26 Schools got complete set of football kits, which includes, Jersey, Soccer boots, Socks, Chin guards and Ancle braze, and a total number of 99 schools also got items like Javelin, Discus, Handball and Football.
Benefiting schools are:

  1. Ajigba Grammar School, Olle-Bunu- Set of football kits
  2. Community High School, Oke-Ofin- 1 Javeliy & 1 Discus
  3. Community secondary School, Odo-Ape- 1 Javelin & 1 Handball
  4. Community secondary School, Illah-Bunu- 1 Javelin &1Handball
  5. Government secondary School, Iluke- 1 Javelin & 1 Handball
  6. Kabba Community High School, Kakun- Set of football kits
  7. Local government Sec. Sch. Otu-Egunbe- 1 Javelin & 1 Football
  8. Local government Sec Sch. Ayede-Bunu- 1 Javelin &1 Discus
  9. Okebukun High School, Okebukun- 1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  10. St. Augustine College, Kabba- Set of football kits
  11. Government Sci. Sec. Sch. Oke-dayo- 1 Discus & 1 Javelin
  12. St. Monica’s College, kabba- 1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  13. Kiri Science School, Akutupa- Set of football kits
  14. St. Barnabas Sec Sch Kabba-
  15. Amadiya Sec Sch. Aiyegunle Gbede- 1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  16. Baptist High School, Ekinrin-adde- Set of football kits
  17. Baptist Sec Comm College, Iyah-Gbede- 1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  18. Community Comprehensive College, Ekinrin-adde- 1 Javelin & 1 Football
  19. Community Comprehensive College, Ayeh-Gbede- 1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  20. Community High School Iyara- 1 Football &1 Discus
  21. Community High School Ayetoro Gbede- Set of football kits
  22. Community High School Iyamoye- 1 Javelin &1 Football
  23. Community High School Ikoyi- 1 Football & 1 Discus
  24. Community Secondary School Ogidi- Set of football kits
  25. Community secondary School Ayere- 1 Football & 1 Handball
  26. Government Day Sec Sch Ogale-Aduge- 1 Football & 1 Discus
  27. Government Day Sec Sch Ogidi- 1 Javelin & 1 Football
  28. Government Secondary School Ayetoro Gbede- 1 Football & 1 Discus
  29. Iffe secondary commercial school, Iffe- 1 Javelin & 1 Football
  30. Iyara Muslim College, Iyara-1 Football & 1 Handball
  31. Muslim Community Sec Sch, Ayetoro Gbede- 1 Football & 1 Discus
  32. Midag college of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Aiyegunle Gbede- 1 Football &1 Handball
  33. Okoro-Gbede High School, Okoro-Gbede- 1 Football & 1 Handball
  34. Ijumu Anglican Science Secondary School, Iyara- Set of football kits
  35. Government science Secondary School, Iyamoye- Set of football kits
  36. Government Special science college, Egbeda-Ega-1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  37. Ijumu local government Secondary School, Aiyegunle Gbede- Set of football kits
  38. Gss kkf football kit
  39. CSS okofi javelin and football
  40. CSS Girinya javelin and discus

Others include:

  1. UBE Orehi javelin and football
  2. CSS Gegu Beki football kit
  3. CSS Gegu Egba javelin and hand ball
  4. CSS Ahoko javelin and discus
  5. CSS Omoko javelin and football
  6. CSS Aseni football kit
  7. CSS Chikara javelin and discus
  8. Army Day secondary School-Javelin & Football
  9. Bishop Delisle college, lokoja-Set of football kits
  10. Crowther Memorial college, lokoja-javelin & Football
  11. Govt Day Sec Sch, Adankola-Set of football kits
    52 Govt Girls Sec Sch Sarkin-noma- Javelin & Football
  12. Govt Sec Sch Agbaja-avelin & Football
  13. Govt Sci Sec Sch Abugi-avelin & Football
  14. Govt Sci Sec Sch, lokoja-avelin & Football
  15. Muslim College, lokoja-set of Football Kits
  16. Baptist high school, Mopa: 1 javelin and Discus.
  17. Community secondary school, ilai: 1 handball/1football.
  18. Community secondary school, Amuro: football kit.
  19. Cruise Memorial School, Mopa, 1 handball/1football.
  20. ECWA Secondary school, Mopa: Football kit.
  21. Government Day Secondary School, Taket-ide: 1 javelin and 1Discus.
  22. Community Secondary School, Oke-Agi: 1Handball/1football.
  23. Government Special Science School, Mopa: 1Javelin and 1 Discus.
  24. Government Science Secondary School, Aiyede-Amuro: Football kit.
  25. Government Technical College, Mopa: 1 Handball/ 1football.
  26. Africa Church Secondary School, Isanlu: 1football /1handball.
  27. Alu Community High School, Alu: Football kit.
  28. Asetu Memorial Commercial Secondary school, Oranre: 1football /1Javelin.
  29. Community High School, Takete-Isao: 1football /1Handball.
    71 Community high school, Ponyan: Football kit.
  30. Community high school, Ejuku: 1football /1Handball.
  31. high school, Ijowa: 1football /1Javelin.
  32. Community secondary school, Igbo-Ero: 1footbal/1Handball.
  33. Community secondary school, Isanlu: 1football/1Handball.
  34. Igbagun Secondary school, Igbagun: 1football/1Javelin.
  35. Ilafin victory college, Ilafin: 1Javelin/1Discus.
  36. JNI/Comprehensive high school, Ife-Olukotun: Football kit.
    79 Local government secondary school, Alalodu-Ejuku: 1Javelin/1Discus.
  37. Oluyori Muslim comprehensive high school, Isanlu: football kit.
  38. St. Kizito college, Isanlu: 1Javelin/1Discus.
  39. Wesley high school, Ife-Olukotun: 1footbal/1Javelin.
  40. Oke-Oyi science Secondary school, Ponyan: 1Javelin/1Discus.
  41. Government science Secondary school, Isanlu: 1Javelin/1Discus
  42. Community Grammar School, Oke-Ere: 1football /1Handball
  43. Community Secondary school, Odo-Ara: 1football/1Handball .
  44. Community Secondary school, Okoloke: 1football/1Handball.
  45. Comprehensive high school, Odo-Eri: 1football/1Handball.
  46. Local government secondary school, Ejiba: 1 Javelin & 1 Discus
  47. Egbe Comprehensive college, Egbe: 1football /1Javelin.
  48. Government day Secondary school, Oke-Eri: set of football kits.
  49. Government secondary school, Egbe: 1football/1Javelin .
  50. Obagidan secondary school, Ogbe: 1football/1Handball.
  51. Ogah/Ogbom grammar school, Odo-Eri: 1football/1Handball.
  52. Okoto Community grammar school, Odo-Eri: 1football/handball.
  53. Okutadudu high school, Odo-Ere: 1football/1Handball.
  54. St. Peters college, Egbe: 1Javelin/1Discus.
  55. United secondary school, Odo-Ere: Football kit.
    99 Titcombe Science college, Egbe: Football kit.
    While making all round presentation on behalf of Sen Dino Melaye, Mr. Gideon Ayodele said “we are happy to be at the forefront of sports development to promote an active lifestyle and encouraging sports participation especially among school children in kogi state with attention in Kogi West district”
    “This is in line with our purpose and agenda, which is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a better and healthier future through sports participation”
    “We are also motivated by the positive impact of the sports initiative, which we have started and hoping that if our children can take advantage of this, might end up taking a career in sport and making a living through sports”.
    “We are committed to continue to invest in preparing youth to be future fit. We believe that by doing this, we make progress towards our ambition to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families in our communities,” he added.

The distribution was done according to specifications by team members led by Mr Gideon Ayodele (Coordinator), Comr. Ezekiel Kaura, Hon. Bala (Lokokoja/Kogi Fed Constituency), Comr Rotimi Adedayo(Tella), Mr Paul Apara, Comr Ahmed Yackson, Mr Monday Olusaiye, Mr Tope Olorushola for (Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Fed Constituency) and Hon. Bayo Aro for (Yagba Fed Constituency)

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