Senator Dino Melaye’s seasonal message to Nigerians

Senator Dino Melaye’s seasonal message to Nigerians

Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye yesterday on his social media handles sent his seasonal message to Nigerians.

The message which reads: “Wishing all of us a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year”.

I pray to the Almighty God that we all enjoy the Christmas season and the new year season. And that everyone of us will be covid free by the grace of God.

God will deliver our country Nigeria from ecoeconomic cankerworms and financial scavenger. Nigeria will rise again, Justice will be served, truth will be told and leaders will not go unpunished.

God will deliver this country from every from of insecurity, from kidnapping, banditry to armed robbery and all forms of negative manifestations.
God will pass through this country in the year 2021, it shall be a great year for everyone of us.

All our long lost reputations as a country shall be restored and the grace of God shall be sufficient for all of us.

Merry Christmas in advance and and happy new year in advance.
God bless Nigeria!

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