After about 17 hours journey by road to (and fro) his base in Kaduna to Minna, the Niger State capital, and Kontagora enroute Kotonkoro and finally Dutsen Magaji Forest hideout of some bandits in the last four days, I waylaid popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi, and got him somewhere on his way back home.

Since the news about his ‘negotiation with bandits/abductors’ of Kagara schoolboys in Niger state started trending on the social media’ including a trending video with a shocking narrative, I got the urge to track Dr. Gumi – a retired officer of the Nigerian Army, Medical Doctor by training and Islamic scholar of repute – for his own side of the story.

Consequently, I sought to meet the revered Izala cleric in order to make sense of all the happenings in the last four days.

I pressed my buttons, I got his consent and he spoke. I arrived the venue of the appointment about 30 minutes late over circumstances beyond my control. He was already leaving the agreed venue with his entourage and I concluded that it was over even though I could see his car in motion. But it wasn’t over yet because within seconds of blaming myself for lack of punctuality, I got a call from my fixer – “Hello, can you see some cars leaving? Join the last one.” I ran, caught up with the said car, ‘jumped’ inside and we drove off. The rest is story!

  • The coincidence of Kagara schoolboys’ abduction and Gumi’s pre-planned visit to Niger State
  • Why did Fulani bandits take to kidnapping, robbery and killing of innocent Nigerians?
  • How did he get to know the locations of bandits in Kaduna, Zamfara and Niger States?
  • Who sent him on the mission?
  • The popular Dariqa cleric, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi’s swipe at Sheikh Gumi’s peace advocacy to the Fulani bandits
  • The ‘real message’ in the trending video on the social media where he is seen and heard telling a Fulani community that non-Muslim soldiers were responsible for the atrocities against them but that the Fulanis retaliate by attacking both Muslims and non-Muslims. What did he actually meant to say or was he quoted out of context?

Sheikh Gumi reacted to the issues and provided the answers including some startling revelations!

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Credit: Asiwaju Bode Gbadebo

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