By Idris Miliki Abdul


The reduction of revenue accrue, debt and overdraft currently affecting the performance and growth in Kogi State is a worrisome development which has led to the proposed Salary Cuts of Kogi State Workers, as was confirmed during the May 1st Worker’s Day 2020 speech delivered by the NLC State Chairman Comrade Onuh J. Edoka.
In the Last Four (4) Years of Governor Yahaya Bello Administration, workers in Kogi State has been at the receiving end, raging from Non-Payment of some workers salary, the worst heat were the Local Government and teachers that were paid various percentages as salaries and up till this moment balance of such percentages have not been paid to such workers in the State. It is worrisome and unbelievable, less than three months of the second coming of Alhaji Yahaya Bello administration another salary cuts has re-surface again, which include all categories of workers, such as Medical and Health Workers, who are currently at the front runners, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where both the Federal and some state government have increase allowances of medical and Health workers across board. Can Kogi State afford the exodus of Medical and Health workers as witnessed during the first tenure of Alhaji Yahaya Bello administration? Due to irreconcilable differences.
We call on Kogi State workers to reject this unnecessary cuts in their Salaries and Allowances, when leave Bonuses and promotion allowances have not be paid for several years in Kogi State.
It is undeniable fact that the current legislators in Kogi State, was inaugurated in the first week of June, 2019 and the numbers of seating is far less than the number of days they have remain at home. It is also noted, that all the Bills passed since their inauguration were executive Bills without any of them sponsoring Private members Bills and pass into Law. More worrisome of it all, is the alleged that one of the Honourable members in recent times, turn himself to a boxer on the street by beating up a government driver, rather than make laws for the good people of Kogi State. Yet the same alleged person could not represent Kogi State at National Sport Festival, or represent Nigeria at the Olympic and win medal for the glory of the Kogi State and our Country.
We call for the slash and reduction of their Salaries and allowances, if the Kogi worker’s salaries must be cut to the same proportion in the face of current reality.
On the various appointees in the State, in whose many of them have no meaningful contribution to the economic development of the State, but rather collecting unjustifiable salaries. No wonder, one of the appointee of the government was alleged to have assaulted a Beauty Queen in Kogi State in recent time, in which we are yet to see a committee setup to investigate and their finding made public to the citizens of Kogi State. It is known fact that, since the current governor emerge in the State, no Local Government Elections has been conducted. After the dissolution of the unelected local government administrators and expectedly that local government elections would have been conducted, the governor went ahead again and re-appoint some of them as SSA on security to the governor on various local government councils, the first of its kind in Nigeria, despite the fact that none of the appointee have basic training and background in security matters. And also, Kogi State have produced several retired military, security and police officers and none of them Have been appointed into this local government as adviser with bogus and colossal amount been paid to them.
We call for the tremendous slash in their salaries and allowances as Kogi State Workers cannot be made a scape goat as they create the wealth the politicians crush around with. And the proposed cut in their salaries cannot be justifiable and totally un-call for.
It is exactly one year that the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, President Muhammudu Buhari signed into Law the minimum wage of 30,000, it is regrettable that the Kogi State Government is yet to conclude the negotiation on how and when to pay, but yet proposing to reduce the salaries of Kogi Workers, what an injustice of monumental proportion.


Idris Miliki Abdul
Executive Director,
Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR),
Lokoja, Kogi State,

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