Ahead of the 2023 general election, it has become extremely imperative for the people of Kabba/Bunu /Ijumu to soak their eyes deeply in the water with a view to seeking out a representative that will be their Representative at the National Assembly not only indeed, but more importantly in truth and in action.

The general and overwhelming acceptability Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon (Charvid) across the length and breadth of the Federal Constituency is no doubt a positive signpost to the fact that, come 2023, the people are willing and ready to submit to greater demands of the calibre of the person they are prepared to have as their Representative at the Federal House of Representatives in the coming Assembly

A tour of the Federal Constituency with critical look at the crops of politicians that may be indicating interests and warming up for the contest for the seat clearly shows that Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon holds the ace in terms of competency, capacity, knowledge and experience to making a good representative that Kabba/Bunu /Ijumu Federal Constituency will desire and be proud of.

Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon is a political leader that is highly respected across the country and deeply love by the people of Kabba/Bunu/ljumu Federal Constituency for his good character.

He is compassionate, cheerful, humble, down to earth and highly detribalised.

He s a man who believes in democracy, and has vigorously prepared to work for his people, little wonder he has for a long time dispensed a large portion of his personal resources at sponsoring candidates for various elective political positions and had win several elections in the Constituency.

He has been identified as someone not selfish but always willing to support wholeheartedly, his Political party both morally, physically and financially

He is also known as a great respecter of the rule of law. He has never been sighted to have threatened or oppressed anyone who disagree with him politically.

It is not a crime for a man to reveal his acts of charity, especially when such is done with good intentions to encourage others with the aspiration to passing a healthy and positive message to the generation coming behind. To Charvid, charity is a virtue..

It is however uncommon to find men who conceal their acts of charity, reaches out to those who needs help silently, extend a helping hand to the poor, and puts smile on people’s faces through selfless acts of philanthropy.

There is no compulsion in giving, it is indeed a loan given to God, and He alone can reward a philanthropist.

As humans, all we can do is to encourage men of such calling to do more, by voting for them and put them in such position to continue their acts of benevolence, altruism, magnanimity and to promote the welfare of ordinary citizens.

The major driving force of philanthropy,overtime, is the “LOVE OF HUMANITY ” this is exactly the propeller of CHIEF DAVID SHOLA AIYEDOGBON (CHARVID), a man many people define as the “FAMOUS PATRIOT”.

The famous and patriotic Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon has continually bear the burden of clearing medical bills for poor families, provide scholarship funds for indigent students to aid their academics aspirations, gives financial support to the elderly people in the society, empowering artisans with tools, implements,and machines needed to work, and a huge contribution to religious activities, without bias to a certain religion.

All these, quite surprisingly, he had silently done at one point or the other making sure that “headline -grabbing “habits was a rare occurrence.

Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon discovery of best hands for every given task is based on careful observation and insights with clear consideration for competence and more importantly, without bias or prejudice.

His love for humanity surpassed his biggest projects. Not only is he a lawyer by profession, but also a leader, mentor, an accomplished academic, politician of note and seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully established viable economic platforms for people’s aspirations to thrive and for the provisions of social safety nets for qualified trainable and employable people both in the village and the urban city at all levels.

His humanitarian ideology rejects wasteful endeavours as commonly practiced by some overzealous and vicious politicians with inordinate ambitions.

In public and private engagements, the Ayegunle Gbede born political guru is stocked with the knowledge that leadership is not only something done to the people but something done with the people and as a result, he gives a thought to the lives of others.

The majority of Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu people are clearly making the point that Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon (Charvid) has the experience, exposure and capacity to represent them at the lower chamber of the national assembly come 2023.

Majority of the masses are strongly of the opinion that Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon is coming on board with high degree of experience which is needed to plan and execute laudable projects in critical sectors of governance as in security, education,health, agriculture, roads, water, sports, Jobs, youth and women empowerment programs and others.

The traditional rulers believe also that Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon as the people Representative at the National Assembly will usher in a high degree of growth and development and exposure needed to reach out to the wider world and attract investors and create jobs for the people of the Federal Constituency

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