With the way APC conducted itself in 2019 General Elections and there subsequent behaviors after, I have not seen them being a better party, all together a better persons inside that broom!

It is against this background that, I will canvass for any person with strong military background to be next National Chairman of our great party.

There are two ways to it, if you can not get violent, you can stop violence been perpetrated against you, I therefore, as a son of a paramilitary personnel and one who had lived in the barracks and knows very well that they have being trained so well on this and such fields of for and against, advocate we look this direction, be the Chairman for anywhere in Nigeria, he must have that background because of this unrepentant absaloms.

I do not see APC getting born again in 2023, no, we will be deceiving ourselves, if they are still hauling civilians into detentions and shooting at DEFENCELESS Nigerians while the terrorists they renamed bandits strolls Nigerian streets and visit ASO rock or and speak with people in ASO rock all in the name of toga of pretence that they are negotiating for peace and only God knows what! The courts have been invaded too and manged to do just on off real factual.judhement when their necks are not hooked like sowemimo’s confessed tied hands then.

The fact must be made known, the comradeship in the military is a very high one, worse than a cult and make a tied knot of oath, similar to a deep brotherhood, they all have a way of reaching, responding and reacting to issues while working together, without noise but a result with noise, that even the deaf ears. Wining 2023 is not just about the PDP, it’s also about ensuring that Nigeria does not collapse or fall.into the brink of war as we are in a comatose now…

I am tell you for sure, that such person with gun stock into his head, will respond accordingly I like the bloody civilian that may make the toilet his friend almost immediately, panting and dumping the party almost instantly, they will not be left alone by their colleagues and will sure have their boys here and there, if for nothing the many tired and dieing Nigerians needs to be saved from the weight of violence APC portends, we need not tell you the story in Kogi state, Kano state, Imo state and so on, please let us rethink.

The unavoidable need to close the ranks in the gaps between the uniform men used against civilians in Nigerian elections as reintroduced by APC in 2019 does not need to be revisited on innocent Nigerians who are.right now battling to be alive from the hormongous further killings ranging from hiked food prices, high school fees, unsafe trips and so many other evils they have brought in the name of change!

Oh thee PDP, hear this now or you are reminded after.

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