We Are Happy Hon. Leke Abejide Kept To His Promises-Parents of Beneficiaries

We Are Happy Hon. Leke Abejide Kept To His Promises-Parents of Beneficiaries

Today, we are here to show our support and solidarity to Hon. Leke Abejide, it is a known fact that he has been supporting our children and ease the burden of every parents and teacher by footing the bills of WAEC across Yagba Federal Constituency.

This is a huge project because he understands the worth of the future these young children that we gathered here, when he was campaigning across our local government we thought he was going to be like the usual political jobbers that we used to know, as it may surprise us he has redefined what leadership and representation means to us.

Before now, all we hear from our leaders is complain here and there, they don’t invest in their people but to say the truth without fear or favour Leke has changed the narrative and we say Kudos to him.

Some of us as parents have two children amongst this generational leader, we are sincerely happy that they are beneficiaries. More so, before now when our children want to write their exams like this many parents result in borrowing money to make ends meet for their children to be able to write exams. Since Hon. Leke has shouldered the responsibility he has lightened up our burden and also saved us from settling for loans to pay our children’s WAEC fees.

Our happiness can not be curtailed today simply because he didn’t make it a political party thing, we have seen in so many cases where only party members benefit from gestures like this but Hon. Leke as set a pace and made the difference.

He is for everyone irrespective of a political party, groups, and association, this makes us understand that he prioritises the future of our children more than any form of political gain.

He is not one of the individuals that promise and fail, we want him to continue to go in the right direction.

He has our support at all times, with his performance so far he has won many hearts and he will keep winning, he meant well for the people.

We are adequately informed about all his moves to see Yagba Federal Constituency in a better place and we also pray that God will grant all the desires of his heart with ease, we will continue to support him and propagate his good works.

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