Wemi Jones: Unveiling A New Paradigm


Hon. Wemi Jones is one true leader that is driven by a dream to make positive difference. It is however saddening that our present society is filled with lazy, incompetent and uninspiring persons that fight for titles, power or position but talk of Hon. Wemi Jones, FCIB, he is exceptional!
He stands as a leader, not enshrined to titles but as an embodiment of influence and inspiration that our present society crave for.

Leaders abound in all spheres of life either through natural course or otherwise. However, within the process of learning, failing and growing, Hon. Wemi Jones, FCIB stands to be an emerging leader in the political terrain of Kogi State and beyond.
He has an outstanding personality portrays leadership as a collective social process, regardless of position, title or status.

Among many that are changing the narrative of leadership and development in the 21st century, Hon. Wemi Jones is leading by inspiring, enabling and empowering. He is highly resourceful to be part of the individuals our society should look up to.

Isaac K. Obajemu
For: Wemi Jones Media Team

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