Yomi Wonderful and wife celebrate 4years of blissful marriage as Pastor Wole Olowo, Yomi Touch pour encomiums

Yomi Wonderful and wife celebrate 4years of blissful marriage as Pastor Wole Olowo, Yomi Touch pour encomiums

The sensational film editor, DOP and Director Wogstudios, Mr Yomi Wonderful and his wife today celebrate 4years of God’s faithfulness as husband and wife.

In his words he said “On our wedding anniversary, there is a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for the moments we share in laughter, the family we’ve built together, and our love that last forever.

Today as grateful heart we are saying thank you to God the sustainer who has kept us through the years .

To my wife, Thank you for sharing your life with me. With all my love, I can not appreciate you enough and I can never trade you for anything.

The founder and initiator of Hello Singles and YouthGotTalents, Pastor Wole Olowo Speaking about Yomi Wonderful, the Vice National Director 1 of Hello Singles Intl, described him as a young, visionary and unassuming fellow with a humongous reservoir of knowledge and humour.

“He’s a massive team player and game changer on any assignment at his beck and also passionately focused to his choice career”.

“A progressive-minded folk and deep-in-heart son in the Lord, one of his strength is never say die spirit. He’s been effectively contagious at Hello Singles Intl projects for as many years till date”

“I’ve admired him formed a perfect partner with his amiable wife both in the home front and their business enterprise.

“My family and Hello Singles Intl, wish them more wins as they grow older together in their relationship” he said.

Also Yomi Touch, a gospel musician and a close associate of Mr. Yomi Wonderful said “Yomi Wonderful and his wife have been childhood friends to me and my wife. In fact, we were their bests at their wedding four years ago”.

“I have much to say but will trim it down. Both of them, Mr. & Mrs. Yomi Wonderful, are the best of their kind”

He described Yomi Wonderful as a visionary and will do all it takes to get to his goal”

“People call him ‘proud’ but I call him ‘confident’. Yes, He’s not perfect but, over the years, he’s worked on himself and getting access even to places ‘perfect people’ will not get access”

He also described Lara Yomi Wonderful as a good neck for her husband. “She’s a wife and not a knife. Virtuous woman, supportive and a good match for her husband”

He prayed that may this 4th anniversary erase every fault in their lives and destiny and take them further into the next phase of their fulfilment of destiny!

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