YULETIDE: Senator Dino Melaye Felicitates With Nigerians, Urges End To Insecurity

YULETIDE: Senator Dino Melaye Felicitates With Nigerians, Urges End To Insecurity


Friday, December 25, 2020

I congratulate fellow Nigerians and in particular the Christian faithful on the occasion of this year’s Christmas – a special festival to commemorate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is a special gift to mankind from God.

We cannot allow the import of this day to be lost on us – appreciating God’s mercies over us despite our sinful lifestyles, His love, forgiveness, salvation, peace and charity, among other inexplicable benefits of Jesus’ birth. Therefore, we must live our lives to reflect these benefits and precepts at all times.

Unfortunately, Nigerians are currently faced with insecurity for no fault of theirs but failure of leadership at all levels to match their words with actions. I, therefore, urge President Muhammadu Buhari to go beyond lamentations over killings, kidnappings and other forms of terrorism against Nigerians, and immediately bring an end to insecurity bedeviling Nigeria.

This is possible in the short term as it is no rocket science. All President Muhammadu Buhari need now is to show leadership and take responsibility on one hand and collaborate with other arms of government on the other hand by giving a listening ear to the previous resolutions of the National Assembly peopled by elected representatives of ALL NIGERIANS, on ending insecurity.

Above all, let’s remain united as one people, one nation and one destiny. Let’s promote and cherish peace in all parts of the country even as we pray for ourselves, leaders and government in order to achieve a united and peaceful Nigeria.

Happy Christmas to my Kogi people and Nigerians at large, wishing you ALL a prosperous New Year 2021.

Senator Dino Melaye

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