A Word to the Youth

A Word to the Youth

By Comrade Elizabeth Faniyi

To all Nigerian youth out there, I want you all to understand that this is not just a protest but the beginning of revolution and reformation. This is a step amist several steps into achieving our dream which is a NEW Nigeria.
The same Nigeria which we heard our Fathers speak about with joy in their hearts, telling us stories of how peaceful and safe the country was yet we grew and saw a different Nigeria.
We heard stories of how scholarships and employment were given by merit not by connection, people were appointed into positions of authority without the assistance of godfathers, we heard stories of how much value was placed on the Nigerian naira, stories of how selfless our leaders were and how our security personnels fought tiredlessly for this same country. Oh! the labour of our heroes past.
We yearned for such a time, but how long do we have to wait. We are the leaders of tomorrow so they said, but then I ask when will this tomorrow come? we have waited long enough!!! The tomorrow is here and now. Now is the time to arise o Nigerian youth. The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain, now is the time. Our new Nigeria is about to be born, it is the beginning of a New era. Under the sun or in the rain we move, this is more than #End Sars
This is beyond #Reform the police
This is far bigger than #End corruption
This move is for the rebirth of a New Nigeria should I increase the volume?
We are the leaders and hope of tomorrow and that tomorrow is Here and Now.
Go and register
Go get your PVC
Keep this Fire burning
as we await the dawn of a New era come 2023.

Youth Arise

New Nigeria

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