Amotekun: Yoruba-Speaking People of Kogi State to Explore Possible Collaboration

Amotekun: Yoruba-Speaking People of Kogi State to Explore Possible Collaboration

The Okun-Yoruba people of Kogi state have commended the Governors of South-West for creating the Western Nigeria Security Network code named Amotekun.

The national leadership of the umbrella body authorised to speak for the Yoruba-speaking people of Kogi state, Okun Development Association (ODA) said the creation of Amotekun will help address the security challenges faced by the people of the western part of Nigeria.

Rising from its quarterly meeting in Isanlu on Saturday, the ODA leaders bemoaned the security situation in Okunland.

In a communique signed by the National President, Barrister Femi Mokikan, the National Secretary, Pastor Ayo Abereoran and the National Legal Adviser, Barrister Abimbola, the association commended efforts of Kogi state government, hunters and security agencies in addressing past security concerns.

“To further enhance the effectiveness of our efforts, we believe the time has come for us to set up our own Okun Security Trust Fund (OSTF). Towards this end, a committee is working on the details and other modalities and the outcome will be announced as soon as their report is approved.

“We received with excitement the creation of the AMOTEKUN Security outfit at inter governmental level to address the security challenges of the SW States. This provides us in ODA an opportunity to explore the possibility of raising our security collaboration with the South West Yorubas to another level. We shall not relent,” the communiqué stated.

Speaking further on the communique, the National President, Barrister Femi Mokikan, appealed to the Federal Government to urgently rebuild all the federal roads in Okunland that are in a deplorable condition. The association President said most Okun communities are now “landlocked”.

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