Arch Idris Salman:Setting The Record Straight!!!

Arch Idris Salman:Setting The Record Straight!!!

By: @Mejabi Malcom

Architect Salman Idris mean different thing to different people depending on which perspective you choose to see him.

To us in my community, he’s a Political pathfinder…it was him that God used to change the Political narrative of our people. Before his joining mainstream politics,our position among other Communities was nothing to write home about. Some of us have had the privilege to attend few Political meetings,the closest you will find an Ayegunle Gbede man was in several lines towards the back sits.

The big politicians who called the shorts at the time had their ways of selecting the near worst of us to represent us where decisions are taking. And at other times,they even select people from other Communities to represent Ayegunle Gbede people. It was that bad!

Arc. Salman came, deployed all the available resources at his disposal to give our people a voice in the committee of Communities. He has done so much for the people of our community as well as done so much to put us in an advantage position going forward. It is therefore very important for us as natives not to forget where we used to be and where we are now. Karma has a way of getting back for whatever we do.

Is it the Ayegunle Gbede days he along with other prominent sons and daughters of the Community have done so much to sustain and even made better such that people from all walks of life now looks forward to? Is it the number of people he has personally empowered? Is it Political appointment and empowerment he has facilitated to our people and Community? The list is endless.

Suffice to say that all those coming today to make Political friends with our people including those aspiring for offices does so either in solidarity to Arc Salman or in an attempt to take a Political pound of flesh but the truth is that,he is still involved. We must therefore take caution in the kind of advice we listen to from different quarters concerning any of us.

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