By Azeez Abdulateef

It is no longer news that the credibility of the person for the position of the next house of representative of Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency position will be a contest between fairness, equitability, justifiable and credibility.

What may appear disputable is the identity of the persons and the party from which the contestants for the position will emerge.

It is important to state clearly that the reasons to have the house of representatives position go to Ijumu next turn is in keeping with the agelong unwritten political arrangement that seeks to give the two local government fairness and equitable opportunity.

However, because of the peculiar nature of Kabba/Bunu which is currently cruising towards spending twelve years at the National Assembly, there now arise the need to paying attention to those clamouring and agitating that the next House of Representatives Representative should be from Ijumu local government area so as to ensuring that none of them takes advantage undue over the other.

The entire idea and wisdom in power rotation is mainly to ensure equity and balance of power between the two hitherto brotherly and very friendly Local Government areas.

Though it is the right of every Kabba Bunu /Ijumu man or woman with requisite qualification to aspire to the position whenever the vacancy exists, such right must at all material time not fail to lose sight of the fact that the value place on mutual togetherness and indeed brotherly be made to remain esteemly valued, guided and protected.

Nothing must be allowed to negates the prolonged peace and tranquility that historicaly had kept the people together, especially as regards perceived injustice, unfairness and inequalities. The peace in our Constituency today and to some extent her development spreads derive majorly from how we were able to manage our politics in the last couple of years, for instance.

Hon Abiodun Ojo from Ijumu Local Government Area for instance spent four years at the Green Chamber as the Representative and the position yielded to Kabba/Bunu Local Government with the emergence of Hon Duro meseko who also spent a term of four years. Hon Dino Melaye from Ijumu Local Government Area took over from Duro Meseko one term and handed over the batton to Hon Teejay Yusuf. Hon. Yusuf is at the moment on the path of completing the third terms of twelve years as the Representative, a total departure from the status quo.

Going forward to the next election, barring any twist of fortune, what will set any of the political parties apart and put the party ahead of others should be the choice of candidate and the area where the candidates comes from.

Without prejudice to aspirants who had contested in previous general elections in Kabba Bunu /Ijumu federal constituency, the choice of a candidate of any political party should come from Ijumu local government area with the Following quality attached :

i. His personal touch with the people
ii. How well he had related with the people
iii. How accessible and humble
iv. His reach across the Kabba Bunu /Ijumu federal constituency
v. How well he appreciates issues and the ability to find answers to them.
vi. Public service experience
vii. Intellectual capacity
viii. etc

Chief David Shola Aiyedogbon (Charvid) of Ijumu Local Government extraction of the Federal Constituency, a foremost politician, a trailblazer and reformer, a philanthropist per excellence, a rare gem , a business mogul, a lawyer and an accountant of note is positively fingered by pundits and political scholars as the most suitable andmost credible as the next representatives Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency come 2023.

Charvid no doubt posses in abundance the requisite education, experience and capacity to do the job. A chart with him will convince any doubter that he is fully prepared, willing and able to lead the constituency to great height.

As a retired civil servants in the office of the Accountant General of the Federation with state house in Abuja as his last place of duty tour, a lawyer, and a businessman, he has seen virtually every shade experience and contacts and does not have to struggle to apply himself when in office.

Kabba Bunu /Ijumu federal constituency will be happy to put in office a hardworking, accessible, humble and self effacing candidate as house of representatives.

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