South West PDP Congress:The Violence, Destruction And Tatatatatata Envisaged By APC That Never Happened

South West PDP Congress:The Violence, Destruction And Tatatatatata Envisaged By APC That Never Happened

By Gbenga Bright

I can see the high level of disappointment and frustration registered on the faces of most APC leaders in Kogi State and beyond over the very successful and peaceful conduct of the just concluded PDP South West Zonal Congress in Osogbo, Osun State.

Some of the leaders have made so much negative remarks and crude comments about the just concluded and peaceful PDP South West Zonal Congress. All their negative wishes was primarily because of the involvement of Sen. Dino Melaye being the indomitable and indefatigable chairman of the screening committe.

Some had wished to hear the destruction of the process since on Sunday 11, 2021 when the exercise commenced. While some are expecting the ugly breaking news that there was gunshots everywhere, some had expected to hear the headline stating figure of deaths, injured and other casualties.

Some would have preferred the caption; Melaye escapes gun shots as thugs invaded the venue of the Congress.
These are some of the expectations of the inventors of tatatatatata proponents who have no political acceptability anywhere in Kogi State to win a peaceful, transparent and free election.
Many and more of such disturbing stories they want to hear yesterday, it never happened!

When the news filtering out from the Women and Children Development Initiative Foundation (WOCDIF), Osogbo, venue of the PDP South West Zonal Congress were coming positive, palatable, peaceful, progressive, encouraging and successful, they began to feel sad and frustrated.

All these self acrimony and anticipated devilish wishes was all because distinguished Senator Dino Melaye was made the screening committe chairman.
How does this become a crime? Melaye’s rising popularity and political profile even after his mandate rrisome for them.

Some leaders of APC Kogi State endlessly waited to hear the eruption of violence and destruction in Osogbo, but it never came to pass!
Surprisingly, to demonstrate their open hatred for Sen Melaye as usual, they started cooking stories and unimaginable falsehood that the Congress has been suspended due to violence.

Considering the high political consciousness of the good people of South West, and the interest of the the two political giants, Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose and his brother Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, nothing they did not envisage in negative.

They went further in an attempt to justify their usual lies and dirty politicking, they begin to bombard the social media platforms with the pictures of the partially characterized distruption at the PDP North West Zonal Congress held few days ago in Kaduna where some ballot boxes and papers were seen on the floor scattered.
Has anything changed for all these needles and fruitless display of political nuisance and envy?
All these happened after the propagation of a failed story and self invented lies by APC, that Sen Dino Melaye was rejected as the screening committe chairman.

In all, whatever they might want to achieve by this crude approach to politics, their imagination and intention physical or piritual, political or personal has been consumed, defeated, shamed and caged.

Under Senator Dino Melaye chairmanship, there was proper planning and most efficient strategies were deployed to achieve sound result. Fence mending, peace building meetings, consultations among stakeholders and transparency were key factors put in palace by Senator Dino Melaye led screening committe.

Before the conclusion of the well coordinated, planned and successful congress, Fayose and Makinde embraced each other.
The two main contenders. Fayose declared openly that Gov Makinde is the leader of PDP in South West.
Taofik Arapaja and Eddy Olafeso have equally embraced each other and resolved to jointly reposition PDP in South West ahead of 2023. What more?

Sen Dino Melaye is a political strategist by all standard, put all his political enemies together, he will subdue them with his God given political wizardry.

~Gbenga Bright

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